Prayer List: October 25, 2020

Sunday, (Oct 25) – Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is like a massive storm, praise God that that this storm will not last forever and the Lord will use this time of testing for good, and as we persevere, He will empower us to come out of this trial victoriously. Pray that the Lord will teach us to see the storms in our lives from His perspective, knowing that He is producing in us endurance through the hard times, building our spiritual muscles, and strengthening our character. Pray that no matter what obstacles we are facing, we will choose joy. Pray that through our own struggles and pain, God will help us to be His vessels to offer comfort and strength to others who are hurting.

Monday, (Oct 26) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s wisdom be upon those in the government, especially the PM and also the Agong, as they deliberate on tough issues for the nation. Pray that all politicians will stop their incessant politicking, and concentrate on working together to make good and appropriate decisions regarding the pandemic and the economy for the people who elected them into office. Pray also that the Selangor government will review the approval given to factories to operate in areas that have a risk of polluting rivers, and if necessary, for factories in such locations to be relocated to avoid another closure of water treatment plants, affecting supply to millions of consumers in the Klang Valley, who are already struggling with the conditional MCO.

Tuesday, (Oct 27) – Praise God for the LCEC Retreat that was held last weekend. This year has been very challenging for the leaders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that the leaders will renew their strength in the Lord, and be re-energised to love and serve God in the year ahead. Pray for God’s hedge of protection upon them and their family members. Pray that leaders will be actively involved in discipling and mentoring others. Pray that the plans formulated during the retreat are in line with God’s will for the church in the year ahead, and the Lord will use them to move the church forward in 2021.

Wednesday, (Oct 28) – The Annual General Meeting (a non-election year) of the Methodist Women (MW) in our church will be held on Saturday, October 31, 2020 via Zoom. Pray that the online meeting will flow smoothly, and there will be no hitches with the internet. Pray for God’s guidance upon Mrs Shakuntala Abraham, the MW President as she chairs the meeting. Pray for good attendance from the women in our church. Pray for God’s blessing upon the ministry of the MW in our church.

Thursday, (Oct 29) – Pray for God’s merciful intervention as the daily Covid-19 infections and new clusters continue to increase in our nation. The lack of awareness on Covid-19 in rural areas in Sabah – which has the highest number of cases in the country – has made it difficult for frontliners to treat positive cases in those areas. Pray for wisdom for the Ministry of Health to find solutions for such problems. Pray especially for the frontliners, including the police and prison personnel, as they are exposed to the Covid-19 virus in the line of duty. Pray that God will protect them from being infected, and grant them physical, mental and emotional strength as they serve the people.

Friday, (Oct 30) – Pray for TRAC: Praise God for Rev Joshua Hong and Rev Ng Swee Ming. Both will be officially retiring as TRAC pastors at the end of this year. Thank the Lord for these two men and for their faithful service in the ministry. God willing, they may continue to serve the Lord in the year ahead on a year-to-year basis. Pray for good health upon them and that the Lord will provide for their every need. Pray too for God’s protection upon their wives and children,

Saturday, (Oct 31) – Pray for the World: More than two dozen US states are reporting rising Covid-19 cases, and reports show a worsening of the pandemic across several regions of the country. Europe is fighting a seemingly unstoppable second wave of the virus with several countries imposing new restrictions in response to surging infections. Pray for the leaders of these nations to work together for the common good as the outbreak spreads. Pray that public health and government officials in these nations will act swiftly and decisively, with wisdom and compassion in service to their citizens.

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