Prayer List: September 13, 2020

Sunday, (Sep 13) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Wesley Methodist Church, Alor Setar. Alor Setar was declared a red zone recently. Rev Aaron Ng, the pastor, happened to be away from Alor Setar then and now he cannot return to the church. Pray for the Lord’s presence and peace to be upon the church and all the people of Alor Setar. Pray for full recovery for all those infected with the Covid-19 virus. Pray that the coronavirus will be contained, and will not infect the public. Pray that the online worship services of Alor Setar will run smoothly.

Monday, (Sep 14) – Pray that the examples of service unto God and others as set by Timothy and Epaphroditus will encourage and challenge us to emulate them. Pray that the Lord will free us from doing anything for the approval of people, or out of fear of people, or to gain power over people. Pray that we will not be motivated to serve God and others to gain appreciation or recognition. Pray that we will serve only Christ out of gratitude and love for Him. Pray that He will free us to do all things as unto Him: loving our family and friends as unto Him; serving in His Church and Kingdom as unto Him; working in the marketplace as unto Him; doing all things for His praise and glory.

Tuesday, (Sep 15) – Pray for the Nation: As our nation celebrates the 57th Malaysia Day tomorrow, give thanks to God and praise Him for sustaining us through the pandemic, the resulting economic downturn, and the unstable political situation. Praise God for His sovereignty over our nation in spite of all attempts by self-seeking people to destabilise the nation and manipulate its affairs for their personal gain. Pray that He will restore political stability in the nation with a righteous and just government. Pray also for the online Malaysia Day of Prayer that will be held tomorrow from 8a.m. to 9p.m., for good participation from the Christians, as we come together to worship and seek the Lord for our nation.

Wednesday, (Sep 16) – Pray for churches in Malaysia to continue to rely on the power of God’s Word and His name, and not on our human strength, especially when we are well established with gold and silver and have certain abilities and capacities to get things done easily. Pray for the Refiner’s fire to burn away the bait of wealth, self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Pray that Christians will seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Pray that the Church as a whole will have a spiritual hunger and thirst after God and the things of God, and believers will spur one another to pursue holiness and godliness in Christ so that we can withstand trials and temptations.

Thursday, (Sep 17) – Pray for the unstable Covid-19 situation in the nation. The prison cluster in Lahad Datu, Sabah was due to crowded condition of lockups that allowed infections to spread rapidly. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the health authorities to be able to stop the spread of the coronavirus. An administrative enhanced movement control order (EMCO) has been imposed on the Kota Setar district in Kedah after a spike in Covid-19 cases. Pray that the public will cooperate with the state government by adhering strictly to the SOPs, and that the situation will be brought under control. As the cases of infection among health care workers are rising, pray for God’s protection upon them.

Friday, (Sep 18) – Pray for Orang Asli (OA) believers in our nation. Pray that the older believers will set good exemplary living with the help of the Holy Spirit, and they will be free from the worldly attractions of vices of lust, gambling, drinking, social partying and drug addiction. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the OA family units, that fathers will be godly role models for their wives and children. Pray that fathers will diligently provide for their families. Pray that wives will be supportive of their husbands. Pray that children will honour and respect their parents and elders. Pray that parents will love their children, and not provoke them to disappointment and despair.

Saturday, (Sep 19) – Pray for the World: Pray for God’s favour and wisdom upon the medical researchers worldwide as they are working around the clock to find a vaccine against the Covid-19 virus. Pray that He will grant them success. Pray that the process from conception of the vaccine to market availability will be smooth and quickly achieved.

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