Prayer List: September 20, 2020

Sunday, (Sep 20) – Pray that we will not be tempted to lean on our own strength and courage, and to depend on ourselves when we face difficult situations, but that we will look to God first and foremost and lean on the strength and courage of who He is in every situation, and to trust Him completely to meet our every need. Pray that the Lord will give us strength when we are weak, love when we feel forsaken, courage when we are afraid, wisdom when we feel foolish, comfort when we feel alone, hope when we feel rejected, and peace when are in turmoil.

Monday, (Sep 21) – The number of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia has exceeded 10,000, with the majority of new infections and new clusters emerging from Sabah. Pray for wisdom for the health authorities in the state to deal with this latest spike of infections, and for the public to cooperate with the authorities to stop the rising infections. Pray for God’s protection upon many of the Sabahans stationed in West Malaysia who are going back for the state elections that as they strictly follow the SOPs, they will stay healthy and not contract the virus. Pray also that although the infections are well contained in West Malaysia, the public will not let their guard down, but continue to comply with all the SOPs.

Tuesday, (Sep 22) – Pray for the Church in Malaysia that if there is lukewarmness in our churches, we will repent and seek God’s forgiveness. Pray that God will help us recognise neglected priorities in our lives that has cased damage to our passion and love for God. Pray that we will not fall into complacency when all things seem to be routine and in control. Pray that God will remove and heal our spiritual blindness, and that we will perceive the things of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower His Church to be “hot” again for Christ, and that we will keep our spiritual fervency.

Wednesday, (Sep 23) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that the Covid-19 situation in Sabah will be under control so that the State elections will be carried out as scheduled on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Pray that God will keep the Sabahans safe from the coronavirus as they go forth to vote. Pray that God will bless them with wisdom, knowledge and discernment to vote for the righteous candidates who really care for the poor, the disadvantaged and who have a vision to lead the state forward in terms of progress and prosperity. Pray for clean and fair elections, and that everything will be carried out in a peaceful manner. Pray that justice and righteousness will be restored in the state government.

Thursday, (Sep 24) – Pray for the next generation that even as our youths have not been able to have physical meetings, they will use this time to seek to develop a deeper relationship with Christ for themselves. Pray that they will spend quality time with the Lord. Pray that they will see the good in this and make time for it, and that prayer, Bible reading and private worship will be important to them. As the Youth Ministry is making plans to resume physical meetings, pray that the youths will be able to meet in church soon, and that they will come not because of their friends, but because they love Jesus.

Friday, (Sep 25) – Pray for TRAC: The Board of Ministry (BOM) will be having a physical board meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. A major part of the agenda will be interviewing pastors who are applying for odination in 2020. Pray for Pastor Lester Lim (Elder’s ordination), Pastors William Kwong, Koe Swee Kee, Lewis Loke, Jonathan Chan & Wong Chun Mun (all Deacon’s ordination). Pray that God will prepare their hearts toward this interview and the 45th Session TRAC in mid November 2020. Pray that the fire and passion of Christ will continue to work deeply within their souls.

Saturday, (Sep 26) – Pray for the World: As the Covid-19 outbreak drags on with no end in sight, many people are battling pandemic fatigue, which can take a toll on mental and emotional health, and may result in the worsening of mental health conditions and chronic health problems. Pray for wisdom for the governments of the world’s nations to come up with plans to help their citizens cope with this problem. Pray too that an effective vaccine will be discovered quickly.

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