Prayer Lists: August 16, 2020

Sunday, (Aug 16) – Pray that the Lord will grant us generous hearts, and free us from greed and attachment to material things so we may be generous in using the finances and resources He has given us for His glory and for the good of others. Pray that God will help us to let go of our wants, and trust Him to provide for all that we need. Pray that He will deliver us from the consumerism culture that celebrates instant gratification, and teach us to be content with whatever we have, that will pave the way for a life of joy and financial freedom. Pray that we will not value material things above the spiritual, and will always give priority to help to fund the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Monday, (Aug 17) – As the restrictions caused by the MCO has gone on for months, teenagers are feeling restless due to physical isolation. Pray for the Youth Ministry, Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades Ministries, that God will grant the leaders of these ministries wisdom to come up with creative ideas and ways to make their online meetings meaningful and impactful for the teenagers. Pray for patience and perseverance for the youths that they will continue to participate in their online meetings. Pray for God to intervene in the situation, so the authorities will allow the youths to meet physically in the near future, albeit with strict SOPs in place.

Tuesday, (Aug 18) – Pray for the Nation: Thank God for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet who have a heart for the rakyat, especially during this time when many are suffering under the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic turmoil. Pray for a continuing work of the Spirit to be upon those in the Cabinet to bring about cleansed hearts, sincere motives, good conscience and empowerment to genuinely serve the people with integrity of heart and effective competencies.

Wednesday, (Aug 19) – Pray that the Church in Malaysia will come in repentance before God in areas where we have fallen short of His glory. Pray that, as believers in this present age with overwhelming demands and distractions, counterfeits and falsehood, we will continue to be renewed in our thoughts and spirits, that our hearts and our minds will be aligned to the truth of God. Pray that we will be salt and light in our communities and that we will touch lives personally in our daily walk with God, and bring hope, healing and reconciliation to our broken communities.

Thursday, (Aug 20) – Malaysia’s northern states, which were previously model cases in terms of relatively low Covid-19 infections, have been hit by a relentless wave of new cases and new clusters. Kedah was the worst-hit state, possibly due to one person who returned from overseas, and violated the mandated 14-day home quarantine, thereby infecting dozens of people. Pray that the public will continue to act responsibly, and not let their guard down, but continue with strict adherence to all the SOPs, so as to prevent new Covid-19 clusters from sprouting up all over the nation. Pray also for protection and wisdom upon the Health Ministry as it continues to work tirelessly against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Friday, (Aug 21) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Living Hope Methodist Church (Bukit Rimau). The church building fund (including renovations) is more than RM1.6 million. To date only about RM250,000 has been raised. Pray that God will provide the finances in due time. Pray also that Rev Gaurri Maniam and the leadership of the church will work together towards achieving this target, as well as in the other areas of church ministry in the times ahead.

Saturday, (Aug 22) – Pray for the World: The state of Victoria in Australia has seen a renewed Covid-19 outbreak more than a month ago, and its capital, Melbourne, is under strict lockdown. Pray that God will grant strength and wisdom to the government as it navigates the threats to lives and livelihoods. Pray for the police force and emergency services as they seek to maintain order in the city. Pray that the Australians will accept the limitations on their freedom, and cooperate and comply with the regulations set in place by the authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

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