Prayer Lists: July 11-12, 2020

1. Praise God that we have eternal life simply by trusting in Christ’s offer of salvation by grace through faith in what He has done on the cross. Pray that our ultimate goal in life is to know Christ, and to continually grow in intimacy with Him. Pray that we will never place anything above our relationship with Him, and that periodically we will take time to reflect on our priorities in life. Pray that the Lord will give us courage, grace and strength to reorder our priorities so that we will set aside time each day to meet with Christ through the study of His Word and prayer, knowing that Christ is more than worth the sacrifice. Praise God that the power that raised Christ from the dead will help us live morally renewed and regenerated lives. Pray that we will choose daily to die to our old sinful nature, and embrace the resurrection power to walk in newness of life.

2. The Elshaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) will be starting school on July 15, 2020. Praise God for protecting the staff as well as the students from the Covid-19 disease. Thank God for the good response from various sources to the ERLC’s appeal for funds to provide foodstuff and cash vouchers to needy refugee families that were struggling financially during the lockdown. Praise God that the Ministry of Education has allowed the refugee learning centres in the nation to reopen, and thank God for Klang Wesley and St Barnabas Church for allowing their premises to be used. Pray for God’s protection upon the students and teachers that they will stay safe and healthy. Pray for all the co-workers who have been trained to do diaspora disciple makers that they will put their training into practice, and not only make disciples for Christ, but also make disciple makers out of the disciples. Pray also for Elshaddai Centre Berhad’s evangelistic work in Sabah and areas in the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia, that God will continue to bless and proper the work.

3. Praise God that many churches in the nation have started to reopen, and church members, including children aged 12 and below, and those above 70, are allowed to come back to church to worship the Lord during the weekends, although there are strict SOPs that have to be adhered to. Pray that the worshippers will comply with all the regulations. Although our restored worship services are so different and restricted, our online options so available and convenient, pray that those who do not need to stay home for health reasons will choose to come together as God’s family to worship Him, and sing together (something we have missed doing for the last 4 months) and glorify God, enthroning Him in our hearts and encouraging each other. Pray that our physical presence will bring joy and hope to one another, as we recognise that we are not independent, but interdependent of each other in the family of God. Pray that God’s hand of protection will be upon us as we come together, and He will enable us to stay safe and healthy.

4. Praise God that from July 22, 2020 onwards, all primary and secondary school students will be back in school. Pray that the children and youths will adapt well to the new norms of school life, and will comply with all the standard operating procedures (SOPs), even though it means they are not able to mix freely with their school friends. Pray that they will be obedient to their teachers and school authorities. Pray for wisdom, grace, and creativity for the teachers, as they have to cope with teaching in the new norm, and ensuring that the students are following the SOPs. Pray that God will protect all the students and teaching staff against any infection as they take responsibility to follow all the regulations of the Health Ministry. Pray also for the rest of the nation, that the public will remember that although the Covid-19 situation has improved tremendously, the virus is still around. Pray that the rakyat will not behave as if the pandemic is over, but they will continue to comply with the SOPs set up by the Health Ministry, and live with these new norms to win the fight against Covid-19.

5. Pray for God’s sovereign hand and blessing over our nation’s direction and resources. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs in the present political strife and economic uncertainty. Pray that the evil principalities and powers stoking disunity, corruption and deception will be totally defeated and ejected from the nation. Pray that in His mercy and grace, God will transform Malaysia to be a beacon for truth, justice and righteousness. Pray that the rakyat will be given full rights to religious and economic freedom. Pray for the promotion of racial harmony and unity in the nation. Pray for God’s sovereign protection upon the nation from secret plotting and witchcraft. Pray also that the Lord will bless the Prime Minister with good health.

6. The severity of the COVID-19 impact on business is unprecedented in our nation, and the effects of troubled sectors on employment are undermining the economy. Many people are getting laid-off and retrenched. Pray that as we lift up the economic situation into God’s divine hands, He will lift up the economy so that businesses will be rebuilt, jobs will be restored, and the nation will flourish again. Pray for an outpouring of God’s gift of creative entrepreneurship at this crucial time in our nation, so that new ideas and businesses may be birthed. Pray that those whose financial status are still solid will respond generously to those in need, and be willing to unselfishly help others, and provide helpful economic connections for those who are struggling to survive. Pray especially for God to provide for the refugees and migrant workers in our nation, who are among those who are most badly affected financially by the pandemic.

7. As the death of George Floyd sparked world-wide protests against racism, pray that God will bring racial healing and equality to all nations in the world. Pray that the Lord will open our hearts to repent of racist attitudes, behaviours and speech that demean others; that He will open our ears to hear the cries of those wounded by racial discrimination, and their passionate appeals for change. Pray that God will open our eyes to see the racial injustices and inequalities that happen daily, and that we will not ignore these things, but confront them, and boldly intervene where possible. Pray that He will open our minds to understand that all people are made in His image and we are to love them. Pray that God will strengthen our resolve to make amends, where possible, for past injustices, and to right the wrongs of history. Pray that He will fill us with courage to seek to heal wounds, build bridges, forgive and be forgiven, and establish peace and equality for all in our communities.

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