Prayer Points: December 1, 2019

Sunday, (Dec 1) –Pray that God will show us the distractions in our lives that block us from all-out worship of Christ this Advent. Pray that as we celebrate the first Advent – the first coming of Jesus – we will look toward the day when we will see Him face to face. Pray that God will give us hearts that look for His coming on a daily basis. Praise God that Jesus is the Hope in our dark and messy world. Pray that this Advent, the Christ Child will help us to slow down, listen to His voice, and focus on what is really important. Pray that we will place our hope in Him in all areas of our lives as we prepare our hearts to celebrate His birth.

Monday, (Dec 2) – the Kids’ Holiday Camp will be held from Wednesday to Saturday (December 4-7, 2019). Pray that the camp will run smoothly – registration, teaching sessions, food, games, crafts, worship. Pray for God’s anointing upon the 2 speakers, so the teaching will make an impact in the lives of the kids. Pray for God’s protection upon all the kids, and all who are involved in the camp, especially those who will be staying in the church. Pray that the parents will be supportive, and join the programme on Saturday, December 7, so they will be able to journey with their kids after the camp. Pray for good weather, and for everyone to have a good fun time at the camp.

Tuesday, (Dec 3) – Pray for the Nation: One in 10 children experiences some form of sexual abuse in Malaysia, most often at home and by fathers entrusted to protect them. The tragedy is that shame continues to keep the abuse hidden, silence victims and shelter perpetrators. (The STAR, November 29, 2019). Pray for God’s wisdom upon the authorities so they will vigilantly enforce the laws that safeguard children from sexual violence, and the perpetrators will be caught and severely dealt with. Pray for God’s protection upon our children, and for those who have suffered abused, He will bring emotional and mental healing to restore these children.

Wednesday, (Dec 4) – Pray for the preparations for the Christmas Musical Drama. Pray for good health for all those involved in the musical. Pray for good coordination between the actors, singers, dancers, musicians, crew, sound and media team so that the entire musical drama will run smoothly. As many of the people involved will be going for camps, and for holidays, pray that the Lord will bless the musical as we learn and choose to depend on His grace, so that all glory will go to Jesus alone.

Thursday, (Dec 5) – Pray for the LCEC Budget Meeting on Saturday, December 7, 2019. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon all the chairpersons of the various committees and organisations, so they will come with a realistic budget for their committees/organisations. Pray for a spirit of unity and love to prevail, and for the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance upon the entire meeting. Pray that the leaders will be sensitive to what God’s will is for the church in 2020, and that all decisions made will be in line with what God desires for Klang Wesley next year.

Friday, (Dec 6) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Sengoi Missions Conference (SMC). TRAC President, with 5 clergy and 3 lay members of the SMC, has formed a task force with the agenda to improve the image of the pastors and ministry staff, to explore ways to enable the SMC to become financially self-sufficient in the future, to improve prudence in expenditure, to study the condition of the Sunday Schools, and to see how attendance in the worship services can be improved. Pray for God’s wisdom upon this task force. Pray that positive and practical steps can be agreed upon, and the SMC will be fully independent (of TRAC) sometime in the near future.

Saturday, (Dec 7) – Pray for the World: In Bangladesh, Christians are prone to be persecuted. Pray that the training that prepares Christians for persecution will be effective and help believers stand firm in their faith. Pray that they will respond to their persecutors with love and forgiveness, and thus win them over for Christ.

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