Prayer Points: December 15, 2019

Sunday, (Dec 15) – Pray that God will flood our hearts and souls with joy this Advent season as we reflect on the good news of Jesus’ birth, and welcome Him to be our Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. Praise Him that our joy is encompassed in Christ alone, and does not come from our jobs, families, relationships, finances, or our successes, but is a gift from God. Pray that the Lord will help us focus on Him during this busy season, and that we will stay aware of the joy He brings into our lives. Pray that we will choose by faith to make the “Good News of great joy” a reality in our lives, so others can see us as lighted trees of life that point to Jesus this Christmas.

Monday, (Dec 16) – Pray for good health and God’s hand for protection for all those who are involved in the Christmas Musical. Pray that God will bless the presentation, and that everything will flow smoothly for the final rehearsal on Thursday, December 19, and that all problems and difficulties will be ironed out. Praise God for everyone in the musical – from children to youths, to adults and senior adults, and pray for a spirit of love and unity to prevail throughout. Pray that we will not depend on ourselves, but on the power of Christ, so that He alone will be glorified.

Tuesday, (Dec 17) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God for the freedom of worship we enjoy in our nation. Pray that the Christmas carols in the shopping malls, streets, homes and churches will bring the words of life and hope to people who are searching for the truth. Pray that during this Christmas season, the hearts and souls of many pre-believers will be filled with the joy, peace and hope that only comes from Jesus, and they will put their faith in Him.

Wednesday, (Dec 18) – Praise God for the many things He has done for the Raub OA Hostel, beginning with the hostel being completed and furnished to the employment of a senior citizen lady to be the warden (working together with 2 other ladies who are OA pastors). Thus far, there are 36 children enrolled to stay in the hostel when the new school term begins in January 2020. Pray that the long-range goal of equipping the children both academically and spiritually will be fulfilled. Pray that the children’s sentiments of missing their families will be lightened by the love and joy they find in God, their new friends, and the 3 ladies who are in the hostel. Pray for protection on everyone, especially at night.

Thursday, (Dec 19) – Pray for the Christmas Musical Outreach that will be presented on Saturday, December 21, 2019. Pray that God’s protection, blessing and favour will be over everything, and the presentation will go smoothly. Pray for good weather, and that many pre-believers who have been invited will come. Pray that the message of the musical will be presented clearly and powerfully. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully in the hearts of the people, and that all fear, doubt, prejudice, or any other obstacles that hinder people from coming to Christ will be torn down, and people will respond to the invitation to put their trust in Christ, or to rededicate their lives to Him.

Friday, (Dec 20) – Pray for TRAC: Many TRAC churches will be having special events for Christmas. These include several non-English speaking congregations within TRAC (e.g. Mandarin, Tamil, BM and other languages of South East Asia). Pray that the message of Christmas will come across clearly. Pray that all our TRAC churches will have greater love and compassion on the needs of the communities near their church’s locations and meet the needs of poorer people this Christmas season.

Saturday, (Dec 21) – Pray for the World: Major Christian celebrations are often a time when extremists from other religions decide to make violent attacks against Christians. Pray for members of our Christian family around the world who live in such contexts, whether Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist, that they will be kept safe. As angels helped Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus to escape persecution, pray that angels will watch over believers this Christmas season.

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