Prayer Points: December 22, 2019

Sunday, (Dec 22) – Praise God, and give Him all glory that He sent His gift of pure love to us that first Christmas, robed in the delicate skin of a Baby, whose purpose was to walk this earth in complete love, and then to sacrificially give His life as an atonement for our sins. Pray that as we approach Christmas, we will spend time to reflect on the magnitude of love that was made manifest in Jesus, our Emmanuel – God with us. Pray that God will fill our hearts and minds with the significance of that truth. Pray that the light of Jesus’ love will always shine in our hearts. Pray that we will open our hearts to Him, and allow His love to transform every aspect of our lives, and touch everyone we encounter.

Monday, (Dec 23) – Pray for the Christmas Day Service. Pray for God’s anointing upon all the worship enablers. Pray especially for the Christmas Musical Drama, that the sole purpose of all those involved will be to point to Jesus, and give Him all the glory in everything we do. Pray for God’s power and anointing upon all the actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and the people involved in sound, tech, props and managing the stage, and for everything to flow smoothly. Pray for God’s anointing as pastor rounds up the presentation. Pray that all those coming for the service will be touched by the Holy Spirit, and that they will respond to the Lord, whether for salvation, or rededication of their lives to Him.

Tuesday, (Dec 24) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s protection upon all the churches in the nation as His people celebrate Christmas. Pray that God will be magnified and glorified for sending Jesus to our world. Pray that many pre-believers will take time to go for Christmas services and celebrations, and be touched by the message of God’s love for this world. Pray that seed of the Gospel will be planted in many hearts, and that hearts are ready for harvest will be surrendered to Christ.

Wednesday, (Dec 25) – Pray for the World: Pray for the nations in the west that as they celebrate Christmas, the Holy Spirit will bring them back to the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of Christ. Pray that the people will repent of their moral decline and their rebellion against God’s truth. Pray that God will pour a spirit of repentance upon these nations, and the people will rend their hearts, and return to God, especially the millennials.

Thursday, (Dec 26) – Pray for all the young married couples in our church that as they adjust to married life, Christ will always be the centre of their marriages. Pray that they will deepen their relationship with Him through studying His Word, prayer and worship, and know a deep communion with Christ every day. Pray that their marriages be a place where they lean on Him in every situation. Pray that in the midst of their busy lives, God will help them to love each other deeply from the heart, and be intentional in spending quality time together.

Friday, (Dec 27) – Pray for TRAC: As this week is the last week of 2019, pray that all members of TRAC churches will take time to thank God for people in their local churches: to thank God for their pastors and fulltime church staff that go the extra mile to serve people in the church; to praise God for church leaders who give their precious time to serve God in various areas in church; to thank God for ordinary people who do the behind scenes work, that often times goes unnoticed, except for God who sees all things. Praise God for non-church members who regularly attend church and be associated with God’s family. Above all, thank God for being our God in 2019, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Saturday, (Dec 28) – Pray that as we approach the end of 2019, we will take time to reflect on the year that will soon be over. Give God praise for His goodness, mercy and faithfulness. Give thanks to Him for His divine protection over our lives and the loves of our families throughout the year, and for His manifold blessings that has brought us joy, peace and comfort. Ask for God’s forgiveness as we recall things we have said and done this year that grieved His Spirit. Pray that God will fill us with a renewed love and passion for Him, and to be on fire for Him as the year draws to an end. Pray that the Lord will go ahead of us with His divine presence into 2020.

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