Prayer Points: February 2, 2020

Sunday, (Feb 2) – Pray Psalm 25 upon the lives of all of us in Klang Wesley. Pray that daily, God will show us His ways (v4), and teach us His paths of grace, mercy and integrity, and help us to grasp His ways so we can walk securely in them. Pray that God will guide us in His truth (v5), and help us to make time to study His Word, to take time to meditate on it and let it penetrate our hearts and transform our lives. Pray that we will have hearts of submission, obedience and faithfulness to God, have reverent fear of Him, and eyes that are always focused on Him (v12a & 15a). Pray that God will remove every barrier and draw each of us closer to Himself in a close relationship (v14).

Monday, (Feb 3) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will protect our nation from any serious outbreak of the Coronavirus. Pray for God’s protection over every check point at public places like airports, railway stations, schools, hospitals, etc. Pray that the rakyat will take personal responsibility to protect themselves against the virus. Pray for the health authorities to have wisdom as they are on the front lines of combating this virus. The Ministry of Health has confirmed an eighth case of the virus on January 30, 2020. Pray for healing for those who are affected by the disease.

Tuesday, (Feb 4) – Pray for the World: Pray for China as the nation battles the Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom for the Chinese government to know the means to contain the virus, and stop it from spreading worldwide. Pray for wisdom for governments around the world to protect their citizens from the virus, cases of which have been confirmed in almost 20 countries. Pray also for the millions of Chinese who are travelling during this season of the CNY, for divine protection against the deadly virus.

Wednesday, (Feb 5) – Pray for the Cell Group Gathering – Seek and Soak on Friday, February 7, 2020. Pray that our church members will make it a priority to come for an encounter with God, and seek Him in worship. Pray that they will be open to the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to draw them to God, so they will experience His presence in a most tangible way, and be ministered to by Him. Pray for the members of the worship team in charge, that they will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance upon them. Pray that God’s anointing be upon the team members, and He will use them as His vessels to bless and minister to the people. Pray also for good weather and smooth traffic flow.

Thursday, (Feb 6) – Pray for Wesley Methodist School Klang, as it has vacancies for the positions of principal and teacher. The school is looking for people who are dedicated and committed, with a heart for youths who possess experience in the field of education; mission minded Christians with a good command of English who can relate to today’s youths, and possess teaching skills for 21st century learning. Pray that God will raise up suitable people, especially for a principal who will continue to lead the school effectively. Pray that more parents will enrol their children to study in the school, and for God’s and of favour and blessing upon the school.

Friday, (Feb 7) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Central District 2 (CD 2). There will be election of office bearers to serve at the District level at the upcoming District Conference on February 13, 2020. Pray that godly people will be elected to serve. Pray for unity at the District Conference level.

Saturday, (Feb 8) – Pray that God will pour afresh His Spirit upon our church, and that we will experience God’s great power. Pray that God will infuse us with a passion for evangelism so that we will be inspired to share Jesus with pre-believers. Pray that the leadership will be sensitive to God’s direction for the church, especially in the area of discipleship. Pray that the people will get nourished from the teaching of God’s Word. Pray against anything that will cause disunity in the church family. Pray for the LCEC, the Cell Group leaders, and the congregation to have the strength and endurance to serve by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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