Prayer Points: January 12, 2020

Sunday, (Jan 12) – Pray that we will not run around aimlessly, but that we will discipline our minds and bodies to seek the things of God, and not the things of the world. Pray that as we read God’s Word, as we meditate on it, His living Word will live in us, that we may run the race for God in whatever area He has called us to. Pray for God’s grace and strength to help us not to be controlled by our feelings and emotions, but be self-controlled in all areas of life. Pray that the Holy Spirit will train us like an athlete to be strong and determined, and to exercise muscles of forgiveness, patience, and love. Pray that He will increase our stamina to give out to those in need.

Monday, (Jan 13) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God to help and deliver our nation during a time like this, when the nation is grappling with political uncertainty, economic challenges and social ills; as religious and racial tensions increase; as there is an increase in youths’ suicides and breakdown of families. Pray that the Church in Malaysia will be faithful watchmen on the wall, and for prayers for the nation to increase as we look to the Lord, and acknowledge that He is in control over the situation of our nation.

Tuesday, (Jan 14) – Pray for the upcoming events in our church: Cell Group Gathering – a time of worship, seeking God and soaking in His presence (February 7, 2020); XEE Semester 20 (beginning February 9, 2020); OASIS – a one-day quiet retreat of knowing God & knowing self (February 15, 2020). As these events are organized to help us in our journey to grow in the area of discipleship, pray that many of our church members will sign up for these events. Pray that these events will help us fulfill God’s calling upon our lives to be His faithful disciples.

Wednesday, (Jan 15) – Praise God for His faithfulness over the years in always providing for our church with finances. As the Church Budget 2020 will be presented during this weekend’s services (February 18 & 19, 2020), pray for a clear presentation of the budget. Pray that God will help our members understand the importance of developing and practicing sound stewardship. Pray that we will joyfully sow generously into our church without reluctance or compulsion. Pray that God will make all grace abound so we have all we need for every good work He has assigned for our church.

Thursday, (Jan 16) – Pray for TRAC: Today, Pastor Ashok will begin his round of the First Local Conferences of 2020 in the 8 local churches in CD 2, of which he is the District Superintendent, in Emmanuel Methodist Church. Pray for God’s wisdom upon him as he chairs the meeting, for good relationship with the leadership of the church, and for the meeting to go smoothly. Pray for journey mercies. Pray for God’s grace and strength upon him as he chairs the local conferences of the other CD 2 churches in the coming weeks. Pray also for the District Superintendents in the other 5 districts who will also be conducting the Local conferences in their various districts around this time.

Friday, (Jan 17) – The first LCEC meeting for 2020 will be held on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Pray that every LCEC member will be able to attend the meeting. Pray for a spirit or unity and love to prevail. Pray especially for the new members of the LCEC that they will integrate well into the church leadership. Pray that everyone will be sensitive to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray that all the deliberations and decisions made will be according to what God wants for His church, and will bring Him glory.

Saturday, (Jan 18) – Pray for the World: Pray for the Christians in North Korea who live daily in extreme danger from the authorities because of their devotion to Christ. Pray that God will fill them to overflowing with a peace that passes all understanding and take away all fear from their hearts. Pray for those in brutal prison labour camps, that the Lord will give them grace and strength to endure the heat, the cold, the hunger, the beatings and cruelty, and all forms of persecution. Pray that their patient fortitude will be a witness that will draw others to put their faith in Christ.

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