Prayer Points: January 26, 2020

Sunday, (Jan 26) – Pray that God will take the water of our commonplace lives and turn it into wine, changing our ordinary lives through His great power into something full of love. joy, peace, grace, beauty and strength. Pray that God will help us shed the old wineskins of things that no longer serve us or Him. Pray He will make us into new wineskins, flexible and able to receive what He desires to pour into our lives. During this Chinese New Year season, as we visit friends and relatives, pray that we will find opportunities to tell them about Jesus, the One who can turn the water of their commonplace lives and change it into wine too.

Monday, (Jan 27) – Pray for the Nation: On behalf of the nation, seek God for His forgiveness for the sins of racial discrimination, racial discord, corruption & bribery, cheating, lying, robbing the poor and denying them of their privileges and rights, shedding blood of innocent lives, practicing black magic and witchcraft. Pray that as a nation, we will turn from our sins, and seek justice and righteousness, racial harmony, religious freedom, to look into the felt needs and rights of the poor, and to raise the living standards of the Orang Asli and Orang Asal.

Tuesday, (Jan 28) – Pray for the families in church that God will bless them with His favour. Pray that He will provide for all of their needs, and protect them from harm and evil. Pray that the Lord will lead them into His perfect truth and help them to be the families He intends them to be. Pray that He will help family members to be a blessing to one another. Pray that the Lord will grant them compassionate hearts, and fill them with His love that does not keep records of wrong, and that He will bring joy to their hearts when they think of one another. Pray that God will fill their homes with His love, perfect peace and unity.

Wednesday, (Jan 29) – Pray for the following events / seminars in church: Keys To Health, Wholeness & Fruitfulness (FIC); XEE Semester 20 and Cell Group Gathering – Seek and Soak. Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and anointing upon all those who will be facilitating these programmes. Pray that our church members will wholeheartedly support, and sign up for these programmes. Pray that for all those who attend these programmes, they will be blessed, and grow in their understanding of who God is, so that their relationship with Him will be deepened.

Thursday, (Jan 30) – Pray for the Membership and Baptism Class that will begin on February 16, 2020. Pray that those who have not been baptized will take a step of faith to make this commitment to be identified as belonging to Christ. Pray also for the Youth Baptism Class that will be beginning soon, that the youths will also take this step of faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts and minds of these adults and youths so that they will understand, and be committed to what they learn in the baptism classes.

Friday, (Jan 31) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for more pastors to come into TRAC. There are very few persons coming into TRAC to be pastors. So the need for more pastors is great. Pray that God will call more people to come into the pastoral ministry. Pray that the normal barriers will be overcome. Pray for young men and women to join TRAC as pastors. Pray that God will use platforms like Jeremiah School to be instrumental towards this goal in the near future.

Saturday, (Feb 1) – Pray for the World: In China, sometimes members of the Communist Party are caught attending church worship services, and will be dismissed from their jobs. University students are pressured to deny Christ or else be failed in their courses, which would make it difficult for them to get decent employment. Pray that God will intervene to provide jobs for those who lose their livelihoods because of their devotion to Christ. Pray that, in the coming 12 months, many more people in China, where about 150 million are Christians, will be called out of darkness into His wonderful light.

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