Prayer Points: January 5, 2020

Sunday, (Jan 5) – Jesus was intentional about discipleship, spending 3 years of His life to invest Himself in the lives of 12 men, giving them a call to follow Him, a command to love as He has loved, and a commission to make disciples. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work within the hearts and minds of all of us in Klang Wesley to commit to the things that are important to God. Pray that as our church has come up with a series of discipleship workshops/seminars throughout this year, our church members will respond positively, and make it a priority to attend these workshops/seminars to help them in their personal growth and spiritual formation that will strengthen them in their Christian walk.

Monday, (Jan 6) – An estimated total of 4.67 million students (primary and secondary) attended the first day of school, as the national schools reopened last Wednesday/Thursday for 2020. Pray for the children who are attending school for the first time that they will settle down quickly, and adjust well to school life. Pray also for the children who are moving from primary to secondary education, that they will also be able to make the adjustment. Pray for God’s hand of protection upon all the school children, that the schools will be vigilant regarding the safety of the children, especially in the area of school bullying. Pray also for teachers to be dedicated, and to give their best to their students.

Tuesday, (Jan 7) – Pray for the World: Since bushfire season began in August 2019 in Australia, nearly 6 million hectares of land has been destroyed, thousands of homes and buildings have been lost, and about 500 million animals have died in the fires, with around 19 people dead and dozens still missing. Pray for wisdom for the Australian government to deal with this crisis. Pray for God’s intervention, that He will send consistent rain to soak into the land, and put out the fires.

Wednesday, (Jan 8) – Pray for the Nation: As the education ministry is a ministry that carries a lot of weight, responsible for shaping the future of the next generation of leaders in the nation, and also uniting the rakyat as Malaysians, pray for the Prime Minister, for wisdom, integrity and courage, as he seeks to appoint a new Minister of Education for the nation. Pray that he will appoint the right person who will prioritise raising the standard of education in the nation.

Thursday, (Jan 9) – Praise God for the new LCEC for 2020, and for the new people who have come in to serve. Pray that God will grant them wisdom in their various portfolios, and that the LCEC will work well together as a team, in love, unity and oneness. Pray that they will answer God’s call to servant-leadership, and covenant to discipline themselves to uphold the doctrines and policies of the church, to be faithful in the weekend worship services, to commit themselves to the spiritual disciplines of daily reading of God’s Word, prayer (both private and corporate) and personal worship.

Friday, (Jan 10) – Pray for TRAC: This is the last year of the TRAC Quadrennium. The Board of Ministry will be meeting on January 10, 2020. Pray for the Board Chairman, Rev Dr Andrew Tan as he chairs the meeting. Pray for a spirit of unity to prevail, and that all decisions made will bring honour to God. The TRAC Executive Board will meet on January 11, 2020. Pray for Rev Dr T. Jeyakumar as Executive Board Chairman. Each Chairman of the various different Boards will be given 20 minutes to share the vision of their respective Boards in the year ahead. Pray for good people to speak up on counter-views, while guarding friendly relationships between all the board members. Pray for journey mercies for all who will be attending the two Board meetings.

Saturday, (Jan 11) – The Hot Kitchen Ministry is a bit short handed this year, and they need people to help prepare the ingredients, to cook the food, and to pack up the food. Pray that our church members will respond to this need, and be willing to come once a month to help out in this ministry that is focused on blessing the community. Pray that God will raise up people who will be willing to help distribute the food packets, and also to engage with the people they are giving the food to.

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