Prayer Points: June 21, 2020

1. Pray for God’s blessings upon our earthly fathers. Thank God that they have accepted the responsibilities of being a parent. Pray that God will guide them to be outstanding role models to their children, and to parent with patience, unconditional love and understanding. Pray that the Lord will strengthen the fathers’ personal relationship with Him, and teach them to live that relationship in their marriages, and reflect it in their families. Pray that all Christian fathers will rise up and instil the Gospel in their children for the sake of this generation and for generations to come. Pray that God will bring godly mentors into the lives of fathers to facilitate a high level of accountability in God’s truths, that they may be an influence for Him in their families, churches and communities. Pray that God will bless the men who served as spiritual father figures in the lives of children whose biological fathers were not able to do so, and pray that they will continue to be positive influences in the lives of their spiritual children. Pray also that God will give new and future fathers the guidance they need to raise happy and holy children who are grounded in love for God and people. Finally, praise and thank our Father God for being the perfect heavenly Father in our lives.

2. Praise God that He has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing: that He has chosen us before the foundation of the world, predestined us for adoption, redeemed us through the blood of Christ, and forgiven all our sins. Pray that He will strengthen us internally with power through His Spirit to understand more and more the truths in His Word. Pray that we will experience Christ’s indwelling presence in our lives daily as we walk with Him, so that our faith will increase. Pray that God will help us to understand in our hearts the breadth, length, height and depth of Christ’s limitless love for us that is beyond our human comprehension. Pray that this will increase our love and devotion to Him. Pray that God will fill us with greater thoughts of Him, so we will be filled with a greater desire to see more of Him in our lives. Praise God that He is able to do far more abundantly than anything we could ask of Him, and that He has given us power to accomplish the things He has set before us to accomplish. Pray that God alone will be glorified in the Body He has called, chosen, predestined and redeemed, and that He will continually be praised, honoured, glorified, worshipped and adored in Klang Wesley.

3. As the implementation of the recovery movement control order enters its second week, members of the public are beginning to take fewer precautions and flouting rules outlined by the health authorities which exposes the nation to the risk of another wave of local Covid-19 transmissions. Pray against the lax attitude of the rakyat, who are behaving as though there is no pandemic, that they will take responsibility to prevent a second Covid-19 wave in the nation. Pray that people will take the necessary precautions such as wearing face masks and adopting physical distancing when in restaurants and at other enclosed spaces. As Malaysia is seeing an upward trend in dengue cases, pray that the public will not neglect the fight against the disease as we battle the Covid-19 pandemic. Pray that the people and the community will be more hands-on in dengue prevention by keeping their surroundings clean, and destroying potential breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes at home. As the government has allowed pre-schools and kindergartens to resume operations beginning July 1, 2020, pray for God’s protection upon the little children. Pray for wisdom for the kindergarten operators as they prepare to reopen, that they will adhere strictly to the SOP provided by the authorities, and that the children’s safety and health will be their top priority.

4. Churches in Malaysia were forced to close doors for worship service since the MCO began in mid-March 2020. Since then, churches were forced to do online worship services using different means over the internet. However, recently, the Malaysian government has opened the doors for churches to be used for worship services again under strict obedience to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Pray that churches in Selangor especially will be bold to reopen the church doors soon. Pray that the SOP will be strictly followed. Pray for understanding by church members that these SOP will mean that some inconveniences have to be tolerated for the time being. Above all, pray that God’s name will be glorified, and that people will truly appreciate all the freedom given to Malaysians to worship God, all these many years. Pray that they will not take corporate worship in church for granted, but will make it a priority to come every week to worship God together with the church family.

5. An estimation of over 400,000 of Malaysia’s children struggle with mental health problems, and among many of the children, poor interaction with peers was a major cause. Pray that children will learn to accept one another regardless of race and social status. Parental expectations in academic performance and stressors at school also contribute significantly to mental health issues faced by children. Pray that parents will not focus on education to the exclusion of all else, and they will not put unnecessary stress on their children by stopping all other activities during major exams period. Pray that teachers and schools will also address the obsession that every student must excel, and deem them useless if they do not do so. A high number of children also grapple with stress, the onset of puberty, and the negative impact of social media and cyber bullying, which leads to anxiety and depressive disorders. Pray that the Education Ministry will look into the need for mental health literacy to be taught in schools, especially in schools in poor urban areas and in rural areas. Pray also that our society will come up with an approach involving the education sector, mental health NGOs and parents’ groups to help meet the mental health needs of our children.

6. As there are many rumours regarding the political situation in our nation, pray that as people of truth, we will be careful not to buy into any fake news pertaining to the nation. Pray for positive breakthroughs in the midst of political strife and uncertainty. Pray that God will help our leaders stabilise the political situation and focus on rebuilding the country’s economy. Pray for the Lord’s sovereign hand and blessing over our nation’s direction and resources, and that God will give our government and economic leaders wisdom as they lead the nation through this recovery phase of the pandemic. Pray that God will help the government restore wealth to the nation, and that the resources will be used wisely for the benefit of all the peoples of Malaysia. Pray for God to raise up god-fearing leaders who will uphold justice and righteousness, integrity, transparency and accountability. Pray for people to be united and to stand on the side of truth. Pray that the Church in Malaysia will travail in prayer with repentance for the nation, and not be distracted by rumours, fears and discouragement.

7. The coronavirus continues to spread in a good number of countries in the world, with no sign of it slowing down. Pray that God will come powerfully to these nations in these dark and difficult days. Pray that He will slow the spread of the virus in these countries, and protect the vulnerable from its deadly touch. Pray that God will help the people in these nations to be careful and wise in taking whatever precautions are necessary to limit and contain the spread of the virus. Pray that He will grant them strength to remain calm while vigilant, and be responsible citizens seeking the welfare of others. Pray that God will comfort the families of the many who have died from the coronavirus. Pray that God will draw close to those who are facing financial stress, and protect them and their families from long term economic damage. Pray that He will enable the governments of these nations to lead their countries wisely during this pandemic. Pray for the churches to come together in prayer and action for the most vulnerable sectors of their communities. Pray that in this time of anxiety and uncertainty, the world will look to security in Christ, and that Christians will have the compassion and courage to point others to the One in whom there is always hope.

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