Prayer Points: March 1, 2020

Sunday, (Mar 1) – Confess to God that in our own strength it is impossible for us to do everything with love. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us to love others as Christ loves us. Pray that God will use us to be vessels of love in the lives of the people we meet every day. Pray that no matter how difficult it is, as we look to the Lord, He will enable us to always respond out of love – not pride, or anger, or revenge. Pray that God will help us follow the example of unconditional love that He set when He sent His Son to the cross for us. Pray that we will always remember that acting out of truth and love is more important than winning at all costs.

Monday, (Mar 2) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy to our nation, and pray that He will continue to show mercy upon our land. Pray that evil lies, conspiracy and injustice will not prevail, that God will cause confusion upon those who indulge in such wickedness. Pray that political leaders will not give in to temptations or threats, but will continue to serve the nation selflessly. Pray that God will grant the Agong wisdom to make the right ruling and decisions. Pray that the Church will rise up in prayer and intercession for the needs of the nation.

Tuesday, (Mar 3) – Pray for the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade ministries in Klang Wesley. Praise God for the increasing numbers of boys and girls joining the BB & GB respectively. Pray that our church members will rise up to meet the urgent need for volunteers to help in the junior section of the BB. Pray for wisdom upon the captains and officers of the BB & GB, that they will know how to handle issues the boys and girls are facing. Pray that the lessons the boys and girls learn will prepare them to be people of good character in the future. Above all, pray that the pre-believing boys and girls will respond to the Gospel, and accept Jesus as Saviour & Lord in God’s perfect timing.

Wednesday, (Mar 4) – Pray for the seniors in our church, that the Lord will bless them with good health, and with faith and strength to face the daily challenges of life. Pray that He will enable them to continue to grow in grace and in their relationship with Him so that they will have the assurance of God’s love and protection in their lives. Pray that God will grant the families of the elderly with wisdom, patience and love to care for those who once cared for them. Pray that God will send them understanding caregivers who will watch over them with love and gentleness.

Thursday, (Mar 5) – Pray for the Youth Service on Saturday, March 7, 2020, for God’s blessing and wisdom upon the youths as they prepare to lead in worship. Pray that more youths will come for the service. Pray for God’s anointing upon the speaker, Pastor Irin Tan, that He will use her as His vessel to speak into the lives of the youth. Pray also for the Youth Outing to District 21, IOI City Mall on Sunday, March 8, 2020, for journey mercies and safety for all those who will be going. Pray for a good time of bonding among the youths, and they will intentionally connect with newcomers.

Friday, (Mar 6) – Pray for TRAC: Whispering Hope Methodist Church (WHMC) celebrated its first worship service at Methodist College, KL (MCKL) on March 1, 2020. It was a long journey before God made it possible for the church to move into MCKL (on Sunday mornings). The main purpose is for students in MCKL to be able to attend WHMC in the times ahead, and for seekers to find Jesus as Saviour & Lord through the witness of WHMC. Pray for Rev James Ong and the leaders of WHMC, for unity of heart and mind to do God’s good work in a new setting. Pray that initial problems in this new transition will be solved quickly. Above all, pray that God’s name will be honoured and glorified.

Saturday, (Mar 7) – Pray for the World: The Church in Syria is experiencing division within their community. Pray that they will be restored and brought together with unity in Christ. Pray also for the Christians in Syria who are leaving their homes due to violence that they may return to build up the church.

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