Prayer Points: March 8, 2020

Sunday, (Mar 8) – Pray that during these times the Lord will grant us inner strength, and help us to stay alert, that we may endure to the end, and receive the crown of life. Pray that the Lord will keep us steady through all the trials and tests thrown against us, and we will always stay faithful to Christ. Pray that God will protect us from the evil forces of this world that are bent on deceiving, lying, and destroying His people. Pray that as we study God’s Word and pay attention to the Holy Spirit, He will grant us discernment so that we will not be easily misled by false teachers, false teachings and deception. Pray that we will do what our utmost to be Kingdom Builders here on earth.

Monday, (Mar 9) – Pray for the Nation: In the midst of the recent political turmoil, pray that God’s people will continue to trust in the faithfulness and sovereignty of Almighty God, and continue to pray unceasingly for the nation. Pray that God will grant wisdom to the new PM as he forms a new government, that he will ensure that those picked for his Cabinet are effective and capable of running their ministries, corruption-free, and based on merit. Pray that God will ensure that the new Attorney General will be a person of integrity, courage and wisdom. Pray that God will restore political stability to the nation.

Tuesday, (Mar 10) – Praise God for all the people who registered for the Connect, Equip, Mentor & Release Workshop. Pray that everyone of them will be able to come for the workshop. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare our hearts, minds and spirits to be good soil so that we will not only hear the Word, but also put it into practice in our lives, and bear fruit the will last. Pray for journey mercies for Pastor Benny Ho, and God’s wisdom and guidance upon him as he facilitates the workshop. Pray for God’s protection upon the workshop, the people, and all our loved ones.

Wednesday, (Mar 11) – Pray for the Nation: As Malaysia enters the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, the total number of cases has escalated to 55 with 22 patients having recovered fully. (The EDGE, March 6, 2020). Pray that God will give wisdom to the health authorities to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak, and to prevent the disease from spreading. Pray for God’s healing upon those who are infected. So far about 80 countries have been infected. Pray against the transmission of the virus to other countries, and that a breakthrough in halting COVID-19 will soon be found.

Thursday, (Mar 12) – Pray for Wesley Methodist School, Klang. Pray for the 3 new teachers who recently joined the school, that they will fit well in the school, and stay on permanently. Pray that the parents will have confidence in the teachers in the school. Pray for students who have personal issues, that as they undergo counselling, they will be able to overcome those issues. Pray also that God will provide the need for a principal and vice-principal for the school. Above all, pray that the Christian values taught will impact the students, and the pre-believing students amd teachers will respond positively to the Gospel of Christ.

Friday, (Mar 13) – Pray for TRAC: The TRAC Youth Prayer Conference will be held on March 15-18, 2020 in Melaka Wesley. This is an annual event to encourage the youths in the area of prayer, and for youths to take corporate prayer seriously. Pray for the speaker, Sister Terry Law, that God will use her to speak powerfully to the youths. Pray that the messages will stir the hearts of the youths to pray for national concerns, especially in this time in Malaysia. Pray for journey mercies for all involved.

Saturday, (Mar 14) – Pray for the World: Pray for the children of persecuted Christian families around the world. Pray that God will be their Protector and Comforter in the face of danger and violence. Pray that such children will be enabled to break free from the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Pray that the Lord will lighten the path of persecuted children to grow up to be strong in their faith.

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