Prayer Points: November 11, 2018

Sunday, (Nov 11) – Pray that during the times when we feel that God is far away from us, we will remember His faithfulness in the past, and know that He will always be faithful. Pray that He will help us to walk in peace no matter what circumstances we go through, because there are no circumstances of life that He does not know about, and in all things, we are more than conquerors through Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to abide more intimately in God during those times when we cannot hear Him – trusting in His unfailing love, rejoicing in His salvation, and continuing to sing His praises. Pray also for people you may know of who feel that God is far from them.

 Monday, (Nov 12) – Praise God for the LCEC Planning Sessions for 2019 that was held last week. Pray that our leaders will be sensitive and open to how God will work out the plans for next year. Pray that He will build His church and have His way. Pray that God will keep, guard, and protect the ministries in Klang Wesley. Pray that our leaders will have and will hold onto their joy in spite of everything they have to deal with in ministry. Pray that they will have the wisdom to know what they are supposed to do in the various situations they face. Pray that they will be refreshed, restored, recharged, rested, renewed, and rejuvenated as they spend quality time with God.

Tuesday, (Nov 13) – Pray for the youths as they prepare for the Youth Service that will be held on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Pray for the organising committee to work together in unity and love, not missing out on any important details. Pray that non-church youths will come, especially the students from the Boys’ Brigade & El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre. Pray that the speaker, Pastor Damien Chua, will be used by God to touch and challenge the congregation. Pray for the counselors to minister effectively to the youths responding to the altar call. Pray for God’s protection for the events after the worship service: dinner for the youths in the refreshment area, sleepover in church and games on Sunday morning. Pray for good weather, and for good bonding between all the youths.

 Wednesday, (Nov 14) Pray for all those in the Creative Arts Ministry Team as they prepare for Christmas. Pray that they will always abide in Christ, and be sensitive to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. As the Christmas presentation will involve a lot of people – actors, singers (comprising children, youths, and adults), musicians, sound and media personnel, pray for good coordination so that all practices will flow smoothly. Pray for good health for everyone. Above all, pray that our focus will always be on glorifying Jesus.

Thursday, (Nov 15) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s wisdom to help expedite all investigations into the corrupt practices and money laundering in the nation. Pray that all those involved in corruption, from the top officials to their subordinates, will be apprehended, and justice will be served. Pray that justice and righteousness will continue to rule in the nation without compromise, favour or fear of men.

Friday, (Nov 16)Pray for the Methodist Church: The Sarawak Evangelization Task Force (SETF) was set up in 2017. The purpose is to coordinate the Methodist Church’s evangelization work in Sarawak. At present the SIAC (Iban Conference) oversees 307 longhouses, and the SCAC (Chinese Conference) has adopted 104 longhouses. Korean Methodist missionary, Rev Shin, has personally reached 88 longhouses. Pray for all the outreach work to these longhouses. Pray for good pastoral supervision and strategies to tend to the needs of the Orang Asal people. Pray that more missionaries will avail themselves for long-term missions work in Sarawak.

Saturday, (Nov 17)Pray for the World: The churches in Europe, UK and USA are weak and some are even dying. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to move mightily in all these nations to counter the forces of darkness at work that are deterring people from attending worship services resulting in the weakening of the churches. Pray that God will stir up the hearts and minds of His people so they will give priority to corporate worship, and thus strengthen the churches in Europe, UK and USA.

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