Real Men Pray

Normally, when we think of praying, we link it to a praying mother or grandmother. It’s an attitude commonly associated to women of the faith. What if men took prayer seriously? What if we committed to it like we commit to football or our golf swing? Although our Christian society has attributed prayer to great women of our faith, the Bible gives us countless examples of men of prayer. Daniel was a man that prayed diligently. Even against the King’s wishes, he set time apart to pray to the Lord. David, although a warrior in battle, was also one in prayer, and in a sense, journaled these prayers for us to read them in the Psalms. In James 5:17, Elijah is described as “a man with a nature like us” that prayed earnestly, and the Lord heard him.

My brothers in the faith, our Father in heaven wants to hear from us! When men pray, things happen, and the Lord can move on our behalf. Don’t be confused; prayer does not turn God into your magic genie. We don’t pray to ‘position’ the Lord where we want Him to be. We pray in order to position or reposition ourselves in order to receive what the Lord has for us. Scripture is replete, brothers, with examples of how prayer works. James, again, tells that the “Effective prayer of the righteous man can accomplish much.” Our prayer can accomplish and help bring things to pass in our lives.

What would happen if we as husbands and fathers began to pray over and with our wives and children? Earnestly seeking the Lord on their behalf and standing before God on their behalf the way that Christ stands for us.

I think this is one of the biggest areas of improvement for me as a husband. Scripture tells me to love my wife as Christ loves the church. Christ is constantly interceding on our behalf. He’s the ultimate advocate. And while He was on the earth, we see how He prayed for us. (John 17).

So, my dear brothers I challenge you to make prayer a priority! Single men, make time to pray in your day. Meet with other brothers to pray and cover each other. Husbands and fathers, let’s take initiative to pray, not just for ourselves, but for our wives and / or children. Trust me brother, your wife and / or children would be thrilled to hear you pray before the Lord on their behalf. They may be secretly yearning for you to do that.                                                                                                       (TRAVIS WILLIAMS)

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