Recorded Worship Service – 5th & 6th Dec 2020

Title: Advent of Christmas – The Immortal Sign
Scripture: Isaiah 7: 1 – 4
Preacher: Rev Nicholas Choo

Sermon Notes

Isaiah 7:14
“Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign:
The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son,
And will call Him – Immanuel.”

Synopsis of Message

We are preparing for an unprecedented Christmas. We need an unparalleled intervention beyond human comprehension. All of humanity is adversely affected. More than a million lives have died and still counting. Not a single sector of life and livelihood is left untouched. The irony is that the ‘killer’ is a least expected invisible tiny cell-like droplet that travel through the nasal channel and into the massive pipes of the human blood stream, creating havoc and tragedy along the way.

World governments have been found wanting with immediate effective response. The boast of our advanced scientific and technological inventions in this highly digitised world could not find an effective answer for the past nine months. Religious leaders are not spared from being bombarded with questions of fear and faith. Against this horrendous backdrop, we enter into the month of December to usher in the Advent of Christmas. Where is Immanuel – God with us? Does He know? Does He care. Is He still here?

Yes, yes, yes!!! He is still here. There is still hope. The prophecy of Isaiah 7 leads us to the Immortal Sign of the First Advent with real and relevant life applications for them then, for us now and for the future to come leading to His imminent Second Advent. Arise, all you saints and proclaim the message of Love, Hope, Peace and Joy to a world cowed and confined within the four walls of their home. Inform them to go online for the service and receive the Immortal Message of Christmas. Will you?

Outline of Message:

1. Introduction – Is there a Way Forward? (Isaiah 7:1-14)

2. Steadiness – Hold on Firmly Despite Overwhelming Threats

3. Optimism – Trust Unreservedly in His Unconditional Promise

4. Niftiness – Steer Resolutely towards the Immortal Sign


* Receive His Salvation
* Respond with Optimism
* Restart a New Chapter

Immanuel, the SON is still HERE!


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