Saturday Worship Service – 19th Aug 2023

Speaker: Ms Taeko Funaoka
Sermon Title: Present Your All to God
Scripture Text: Romans 12: 1 – 2

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How would you respond to a great favour, kindness, blessings and acts of generosity given to us?

Psalm 116:12-14
Romans 12:1-2

1. In view of God’s mercy (v1)
Chapter 1 to 11, Paul expounds on God’s great mercies, loving kindness and love, by which we have been saved.
This is the basis of Paul’s appeal (vv1-2) to the brothers & sister in Rome as well as to all of us.

2. Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice (v1).
Paul asks us to present our all to God in our daily life.
Paul uses three adjectives.
* Living (6:3, 6:*13-14)
* holy, pleasing to God (1:7)

3. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (v2).
How can we present our all to God in our daily life?
Paul urges us not to comply our attitudes and postures with the pattern of this world that will pass away. Instead, we are to be transformed to be like Jesus by renewing the way we think.

Summary & Reflection

1. True and proper worship: Present your all to God in your daily life. Worship is the way we live.

2. Renewing of the mind is a process. We need to depend on the Holy Spirit.
How can we renew our minds? What do we feed ourselves in our minds?


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