Saved By The Hand Of God

Friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, I stand here to give glory to God.

I have a son, my only child. He, his wife and little daughter live with us. He works in a bank and is in I.T. As many of you know when you’re in I.T. you’re very busy. One night last week my son came back from work at 8.30p.m. We went out to dinner, because my daughter-in-law’s sister and family were visiting K.L. After dinner, my son had a shower and then went back to work at around 11 p.m. He worked the whole night through.

At 7.30a.m. I got a call and my son said, “Mom I got bad news for you. I met with an accident.

My husband and daughter-in-law rushed to the accident scene while I stayed home to look after my grand-daughter. When my husband reached Sunway Pyramid, the accident scene, he rang me and said, “Mom the car is a complete wreck.”

What happened was, my son was tired and sleepy as he was driving from K.L. to Kota Kemuning where we live. As he reached Sunway Pyramid, a lorry was coming down the ramp from the Pyramid. My son’s car hit the back tyre of the lorry, smashed into the side of the lorry and overturned across the road. I thank God that there was hardly any traffic at that time, although it is usually a busy road. My son said he could feel himself flying upside down in the car. The airbag opened and helped to cushion the impact. But airbags are meant to protect the driver’s chest not the head and skull. The lorry driver and some passersby helped my son out of the car.Miraculously he had only a few scratches on his arms. I believe it was the hand of God that protected my son My husband took him to the nearest klinik for a checkup. The doctor dressed the cuts and said the next 72 hours are the most crucial. If he has a headache, gets dizzy or has nausea we should take him to a hospital straight away.

My friends, it was the longest 72 hours ‘of my life. I thank God that apart from the scratches my son was well.

Now someone may say,”Sure, you can praise God because your son is alive. What if he had died?” Let me say that my father died in a terrible road accident. But I still say God is Great, God is Good and God is in control in any situation. And I believe in God”s Loving Kindness.

All Glory To God!
Cheah Ai Lin

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