Second Sunday In Advent

Imagine yourself to be a pioneer in the 19th century. You have packed up what belongings you could fit into the covered wagon and have set out from the flatlands of the Midwest with your spouse and children to move west to the wonders and  riches of California. With your horses and other livestock, you have slowly crossed the plains of Kansas and the flats of eastern Colorado. You see the famed Rocky Mountains alarmingly near. Even though the guide is experienced in finding mountain passes, you and your family have no idea how you can get across. If only somehow those valleys and mountains could be made smooth, just like the plains you just crossed.

The prophet cried out that in preparation for the Lord, this is what should happen. The valleys would be evened out, the rough places made smooth. In our frantic lives this Advent, we can look for ways to smooth our own rough places, to even our valleys. And even more, to seek out ways to help others do the same.

As we prepare for Your coming this Advent season, help us seek ways to let go of our frantic-ness that comes with the Christmas season. Help us find ways to make our preparations truly reflect Your coming, God of promise. We rest in the assurance that You are with us, feeding us with Your spiritual nourishment. In Jesus’ name we pray.   Amen.


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