Sunday Morning Worship – 27th Aug 2023

Speaker: Rev Gaurri Maniam
Sermon Title: Experiencing the Severe Mercies of God
Scripture Text: Jonah 1: 11 – Jonah 2

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The wind and the storm and the fish are God’s severe mercies upon Jonah

Have you ever experienced the severe mercies of God?

As Jonah finds himself in an awful predicament, he prays to God.

His prayer teaches us:
I. God answers us when we call out to him in distress.

II. Jonah recognises the severe mercies of God.

III. Only God can deliver him from his awful predicament.

Final Word

Only God can rescue us from all of our sinful predicaments.

Reflection Question
1. Recall a time when you called out to God when you were in distress. How did God answer you?
2. Recall an unpleasant event that happened in your life which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it actually brought good to you. Share.


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