Sunday Morning Worship Service – 12th Feb 2023

Speaker: Rev Gaurri Maniam
Sermon Title: First be Reconciled to your Brother
Scripture Text: Matthew 5: 21 – 27



Would you agree if I say “We are experts in rationalizing”?


I. Anger and Insult are tantamount to murder in God’s sight (v. 21 & 22)

II. Be the one to initiate reconciliation (v. 23 & 24)

III. Be quick to initiate reconciliation (v. 25 & 26)

Final Word

Allow the example of Jesus to lead us in reconciliation.


Reflection Questions

1. Recall a time whereby you lost control of your temper. How did it affect your relationship with those who were involved in it

2. What are some of your struggles in initiating reconciliation? How would you overcome it?

3. Do you have anyone in your life right now that you need to initiate reconciliation? As the Lord for His grace.


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