Sunday Morning Worship Service – 18th Feb 2024

Speaker: Ms Taeko Funaoka
Sermon Title: Paul’s prayer for increased love and fruitfulness
Scripture Text: Philippians 1: 9 – 11 (ESV)

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Introduction – Paul and the Philippians
• During Paul’s 2nd missionary journey, Paul and his team started a church in Philippi. This was out of his original plan. (Acts 16) Paul’s encounter with Lydia, a slave girl, and a Jailer.
• The Philippians have a special place in Paul’s heart. (Philippians 4:1, 4:15-16)
• Paul encourages them to stand firm in one spirit, with one mind for the faith of the gospel (Philippians 1:27)

Paul’s prayer for the Philippians (1:9-11)
1. Love abounding (1:9)
• Our love must grow with knowledge and all discernment.
• Knowledge of God, His Word, His Will.
• Discernment: the ability to make proper moral decisions, to know the right action.

2. Pure and blameless lives (1:10)
• To approve what is excellent: to be able to approve what really matters in our lives in Christ.
• Pure: sincere, without hidden motives or pretence.
• Blameless: not offending, not causing someone else to stumble.

3. Fruitfulness of the righteous characters (1:11)
• Fruit of righteous characters are produced in their lives by Lord Jesus.
• Growth requires time and perseverance. We need to abide in God and walk with Him daily.

May our love for Lord Jesus abound more and more. In our relationship with one another at home, in church, in working place, in community, may we grow in love that reflects the love of Christ, who is humble, unselfish and sacrificial.

And our overflowing love for God will be extended to people in the community, which points them to Christ for His glory. May we impact the lives of others by God’s grace.


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