Sunday Morning Worship Service – 19th March 2023

Speaker: Rev Gaurri Maniam
Sermon Title: Jesus, the Light of the World
Scripture Text: John 9: 1 – 12; 35 – 41


The main reason for Jesus’ miracles was to prove Jesus’ identity.


I. The blind man experiences a miracle.

II. The healed blind man boldly held on to his testimony even though he was intimidated and threatened.

III. The healed blind man desires to know his Healer (Jesus)

Final Word
Believe in Jesus and allow Him to lead you out of darkness.

Reflection Questions
1. Reflect and recall the miracles of God in your life
2. How do you make your stand against those who seek to discredit Jesus?
3. Do you struggle to know Jesus deeply? How can the CG help one another in this area?



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