Sunday Morning Worship Service: 19th Nov 2023

Speaker: Mr Yap Chee Kai
Sermon Title: The Church’s Respond to Jude’s Warnings
Scripture Text: Jude 17 – 25

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How does the Church deals with ungodliness today?

1. Cognizant: Remember the Apostolic teachings (vv.17–19)
Take heed on the apostolic warnings to remember (v.17),
peril of rejecting apostolic teachings in pursuit of ungodly desires (v.18),
division & disunity in the face of ungodly influences (v.19).

2. Careful: A Call to be Steadfast (vv.20–21)
To contend for the faith by,
a) building yourselves up in your most holy faith (v.20): conforming more & more like Jesus.
b) praying in the Holy Spirit (v.20: Eph.6:18),
c) keep yourselves in God’s love . . .wait for the mercy of our Lord for eternal life (v.21)

3. Compassionate: A Call to rescue others by God’s mercy (vv.22–23)
a) those who are thinking of falling: be merciful those who doubt (v.22),
b) those who are falling: save others by snatching them from the fire (v.23),
c) those who have fallen: sow mercy, mixed with fear – hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh (v.23).

4. Closing with a magnificent ‘Doxology” (vv.24–25).

Jude wants Christians in his day and us today to put into practice these 3 critical instructions.

1. What does living in the last times mean, according to Jude, if we’re to take the apostles’ warnings seriously?
2. How do you strengthen yourself by reading God’s word daily? [communally or personally?].
3. Are you praying in the Holy Spirit?
4. Do you constantly abiding in Christ and living with the hope set on the Lord’s return?
5. What is more natural, then, as we understand that we are objects of God’s mercy, than to be merciful to those who are on the fringes of the church?
6. Have you been compelled to save those who are thinking of falling, those who are falling, and those who have fallen as your responsibility as God’s holy people?



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