Sunday Morning Worship Service – 22nd Jan 2023

Speaker: Rev Gaurri Maniam
Sermon Title: Remembering the Lord your God
Scripture Text: Deuteronomy 8



Riches and successes come from the Lord.

I. Remembering our past journey is essential as it puts every season in its proper perspective.

II. Clinging on to the promises of God helps us to persevere.

III. Forgetting the Lord when times are good is a sign of pride.

Final Word
Gratitude is an act of remembering all that we have is indeed from the Lord.

1. Take a moment to recall your journey with God. What aspect of your past speaks about God’s presence in your life?
2. List down your life blessings and acknowledge them as a sign of God’s faithfulness.
3. How may you guard your heart against pride and forgetfulness?


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