Sunday Morning Worship Service – 7th May 2023

Speaker: Rev Gaurri Maniam
Sermon Title: Loving the “Not so easy”
Scripture Text: Matthew 5: 38 – 48

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How do we treat those who mistreat and take advantage of us?

I. The Old Testament law on “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” is meant for judges who administer justice.

II. Jesus calls us not to retaliate or resist those who mistreat and take advantage of us.

III. Jesus challenges us to love those who mistreat/take advantage/persecute (our enemies). Respond to acts of aggression with acts of kindness.

Final Word
Seek not personal revenge; love your enemies and do good to them.

Reflection Questions
1. Recall a time whereby you felt that you were mistreated or taken advantage of?

2. What are some acts of kindness you may show for those who have mistreated you?

3. How may you overcome your tendency to strike back at those who treat you badly?


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