Sunday School Celebrates Parents Day 2011

Sunday School celebrated Parents Day on the 26th of June 2011. We invited parents to join their kids in Sunday School for a time of fun and games and fun we had indeed!

We played 3 really fun games that day :

The first was Samson, Delilah and The Lion – a really fun twist to the age-old game of “Scissors, Paper and Stone” or what we call in Malaysia “One-two-som”. To play it, everyone first had to find a partner. Then they would either show Samson, Delilah or The Lion. Samson would kill the Lion, The Lion would kill Delilah, but Delilah would OVERPOWER Samson. The loser would then have to go behind the winner, hold his/her shoulders and start to form a train. Round two would then see the winners of the first round playing with each other. The losers would then have to join the winner’s train and so on. I can’t believe how quickly it went. As usual, yours truly lost in the first round itself. I ALWAYS lose “One-two-som”, “Paper, Scissors, Stone” and now “Samson, Delilah and The Lion”. Sigh. I’m better at “Lat-tali-lat”.

We playing Samson, Delilah and The Lion - lah... not Paper, Scissors, Stone

Noooo... this is NOT Delilah... c'mon.... this is The Lion... ?

No-lah, this is also NOT Delilah, but she IS a very good girl. She drinks 86.28 glasses of water everyday.

The second game was for Parent-Child pairs. The game was paper dancing. You know the drill. The pairs would have to dance on a newspaper and when the music stopped, they needed to remain still AND stand within the paper. With each round, the paper would be folded in two, so as the game progressed, they would end up having to stand on a teeny-weeny paper folded to the size of ohhh… 4 inches by 5 inches. I know, I know… you’re thinking “Mana boleh daaaa”. Which is what I thought too, considering the humongous size of my bodeee. So I passed the privilege of playing to my wife. Twas a funnneee sight – parent carrying child, child stepping on parent’s foot, standing on one leg, one foot on top of the other… etc. One thing that truly touched my heart was the Youths who “adopted” a child each who came without parents. I mean… the sight of Heng Wei and Cally carrying their “little lambs” on her back while wobbling on the itsi-bitsy paper trying their best to win a prize for their little partners was soooo heart warming. Our Youth will grow up to be really good Daddies and Mommies, me thinks.

What? 2 people have to step on THAT iddy-biddy piece of paper? No wonder her toes all red already lah...

In fact, the paper was soooo small, we have to use a Power-Vroom-Zoom lens to see it!

Then the final game was Porridge Feeding. This time, the child would have to be blind-folded and they would have to feed their Mum or Dad a bowl of porridge. Now, this was up my alley – you know, eating being my full time profession and all (joke la, joke) !!! While seated on the floor and getting ready, I listened to Raymond (Cheah) practising and giving detailed instructions to daughter Zoe on what to do. I was thinking “Wah… so engineer-precision-like lah. Like space shuttle going to dock with space station only… they sure got chance to win wan…” . Me pulak, my only instruction to Sara was “You just keep scooping, I’ll just keep sucking.” It was fun. I heard some parents got porridge on their lap more than in their mouth!!! To be honest, I hate porridge. I know, I know… even my family says I’m a fussy pot, but what to do? Eat porridge four bowls after ten minutes still hungry, this type of person cannot eat porridge wan I tell you. But I must say that the COLD porridge I had to eat that day was delicious. I think Auntie Yuh Bin is a good porridge cooker AND most of all, because my daughter fed it to me with love.

Now mummy... be a goooood girl and eat your porridge ah... then you'll grow up to be pretty like me...

They didn't win. How to win when Mummy kay-poh looking at other people?

Yours truly getting ready to transform into a super-duper-porridge-sucker...

But… all good things must come to an end. Auntie Wee Wee gave out the prizes to the winners of each game and then we were dismissed. I’m waiting for next year’s Parent’s Day.

A short video of our celebration follows below. Just to help you out, take note of the following highlights in the vid :

3:10 Aaron pities Aunty Cheng It… okay, okay, Aunty Cheng It very clever…
5:05 Wei Zheng shows ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY!
5:30 Wei Zheng finally vanquished by a 2 foot high hero. Must be because he was distracted by pretty Cally standing beside him… eh?
7:05 Uncle Leong Soon showing the “Got ants in my pants, Soooo itchy” Dance!
7:30 Uncle Raymond doing the “Bottom Wiggle” Dance.
9:00 Tevin slooooow dancing.


God Bless All Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas… and caregivers wherever you are. You are a blessing from God!

Post : Andrew
Pics : Samuel / Charis
Video : Amber

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