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The teachers worked hard, the kids even harder. Practices for dance and song started well before Sunday School Sunday and every practice was a demonstration of noisy, joyful perseverance to do their best for the Lord. With God’s mighty hand leading us, everything went as smoothly as you could get with 3 year old toddlers on stage! But Praise the Lord, God was (is and forever will be) AWESOME, the kids were fantastic, the teachers were great, and Auntie Jane was beside herself with fidgety panic (okay… that’s a joke… we all know Auntie Jane is the keeewl-est!!).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but videos are better, so here’s the whole Sunday School Sunday serviceĀ  in nice HD videos – thanks to Uncle Johnny and team!

Watch Rev. Nicholas Choo’s message in the last video. You MUST!

To God be ALL the glory.


Sunday School Video Montage


Praise & Worship


Presentations – Part 1


Presentations – Part 2


Message by Rev. Nicholas Choo

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