Thank You Lord

“I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things God has given me and shown me – not material things but life, friends, family, insight into my life, and the ability to love and be loves. The list is endless! He is truly the greatest and He is truly the way to all that is good!”     (CHERYL ANN, 35, USA)

“I want to thank God even for the afflictions, pain, hardships and discouragement I have met with over the year, for through them I have realized God’s ever-loving presence no matter how hard things may be.” (SARLOMIE, ZIMBABWE)

“I am thankful for everything He has done in my life, for my parents who first taught me about Jesus, for my drug-addicted brother (who made me learn to rely on Him in every kind of hardship). I’m thankful for the opportunity to ser4ve Him even when I think I don’t deserve to. I am thankful that when I am weak His strength is perfect.” (TRESIA KRISTIN, 24, INDONESIA)

“I thank God that He has met my needs…I was poor, but now I’m rich in Him…He has met my needs completely.”   (DEBORAH TURNER, 38, ENGLAND)

“Provision and care for me and my family these past years. Answers to prayers and deliverance from all my fears.”  (KOLA OGUNLANA, NIGERIA)

“I am so thankful to God for opening my mother’s heart of stone that she has gone to church with me thrice already. I am claiming her salvation. Thank You, God!”   (SHANICE, SINGAPORE)

“I thank God for Jesus, because I know that even if I was the only sinner on this earth, He would still have come down and died on the cross for me.” ((SHOBIN, INDIA)

“Thank you for helping me through my lowest times, and thank you for blessing me so I can reach my highest. Thank you for giving Your only Son so that I can live my life according to Your will, and thank you for giving me abundant happiness in my life.”                    (JESS DAW, 17, AUSTRALIA)

“Thank my Heavenly Father for giving this life to me. I thank You for Your guidance and help in my life.”    (BABU PAUL, 42, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

“I’m so thankful that my 80-year old dad got leukemia, because through it he has placed his faith in Christ. Though he has always been a ‘good’ man and a great dad, he has been changed by the power of God. God can, in all things, work for the good of those who love Him!”   (KARIN, 43, USA)

“My thanks to God is thanks for all the food that He gave me! Thank you God.”   (BRENT LANDRY, 3, USA)

What about you…what are you thankful to God for?

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