The Church As The Family

God brings people into His family –  and He doesn’t really consult us as to who we’d like brought in and who we’d rather were left out. As you look round at your church family, you can probably see a few people you wish God  had   left  out   –   and  there  are probably  a  few who wish He’d left you out as well.  If  it were left up to me,  I’d leave out all the people who aren’t nice to me and who can’t easily get along with me.

But you and I  aren’t  the ones who  make  the choice. God decides who’s  in His family   –  who  belongs.  Our job  is  exactly  the same as in our physical families  –   to learn to  get along  with whomever  God  puts  here. We’re  all part of  the  one family,  we all belong  on an equal  basis.

Will  we always get along  wonderfully with  each other? Not very likely.

  • We’ll have differences of opinion.
  • We’ll rub each other up the wrong way.
  • We’ll have personality clashes.

And on  top of  those  things,  we’re still sinful people who Selfishly  want our own way  most of  the  time.  Yet,  we belong to this family and God wants  us to work  together.

If  it comes to a choice, which family should have priority – your earthly family or the family of God?

Can you develop true family relationships within a short meeting once a  week?  As a church,  should  we  be  doing other things to help develop the family relationships?


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