The Gracious Giving Of Jesus Christ

God is not saying that it is unlawful for the rich Christian to live in greater elegance than the poor Christian, but that equality is to be observed to the extent
that no poor Christian should go hungry, and that no Christian should withhold his abundance to the detriment of others.

God is not demanding a communization of wealth, that is, to transfer wealth from the individual to community ownership. What he is saying that hoarding of wealth to the detriment of others is detrimental to the hoarder. What about you today? Are you holding back your wealth be it monetary or in skills, talents, time or spiritual gifts from the Christian community?

If you are, you need to look at the example of Jesus Christ. The ultimate motivation for all Christian giving is the incarnation and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Look to the cross, and then give in response. Christ offered Himself willingly and sacrificially—an example for all believers (John 10:18; 1 John 3:16). He who though He was rich became poor by bearing the filthy rags of your sins. Jesus willingly, graciously gave His life, both daily and ultimately. No man took Jesus’ life from Him but He laid it down of His own accord. God wants you to willingly follow Christ’s example.

Jesus’ life was His wealth. Your life is your true wealth also. God will not force you to lay it down, but will you lay it down of your own accord that others might become rich through Christ also? May God lead us to follow Jesus’ example and live a life of love and generosity toward others.

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