VBS 2012 (Vacation Bible School) – Formula 1

Download the VBS 2012 Registration Form Here.

Formula One is an adventurous journey to know Him better and to become more like Him. It is called Formula One because God has only one formula to lead us in this Christian race comprising seven checkpoints or crossroads. Each checkpoint requires a decision to be made. A right decision will lead you to become wiser and stronger. At each stage of change, you will speed faster towards Him, feel stronger in Him and stay focus with Him! Start your race now to register your participation in this GREAT Formula One ADVENTURE from 3rd to 7th December 2012.

Formula One message outline includes seven flags (intersections) for decisions and growth. Each of these checked flags (checkpoints) will lead to a commitment to change. The seven life-changing commitments are classified under:

Checkpoint #1: Conversion – to turn
Checkpoint #2: Consecration – to grow
Checkpoint #3: Conduct – to live
Checkpoint #4: Communion – to enter
Checkpoint #5: Character – to be
Checkpoint #6: Core  – to desire
Checkpoint #7: Convergence  – to unite

Download the VBS 2012 Registration Form Here.

Vroooooom!! Whoo-hooo!! You could see excitement popping out of Pastor Ashok as he gleefully announced that the VBS 2012 forms were out! This year’s VBS is going to be another exciting, fun-filled learning adventure, so make sure you clear your calendar and don’t forget to invite your friends!!

Download the VBS 2012 Registration Form Here.

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