Advent Reflections – Hope: 1st Sunday In Advent


Like the prophets in the Old Testament, we hope for a Messiah to save us from the sin in the world (Isaiah 9:6-7). We anticipate our Savior’s arrival.

Also known as the “prophecy candle,” this candle assures us we can have hope that God will fulfill the prophecies declared in the Old Testament about Jesus. Hope doesn’t disappoint us (Romans 5:5).

In this day and age, where evil abounds and all seems lost, especially during this time of the pandemic, we can also hope that the prophecies about Jesus’ second arrival to earth will also be fulfilled.

The somber purple color on the candle represents repentance and fasting as we anticipate the Lord’s coming. Purple doubles as a color for royalty throughout the Bible, symbolizing God’s kingship and reign.

What does the Bible say about Hope?
Christians can often confuse the word hope for wishful thinking. If we hope something will happen, we have no control over whether or not it will take place.

But the Biblical sense of hope is very different. Hope, in the Bible, exists as a secure assurance, a trust placed in a trustworthy God. God has not failed us in the past, and therefore, if He claims He will do something in the future, we can have a hope that He will fulfill that claim.

Hope waits and endures. It isn’t flimsy or merely wishful thinking. It can withstand fire, trials, and despair.

Why Does This Matter?
Hope is an important thing. It helps us during significant trials or times of distress. It offers us security that God will arrive and though we cannot see Him now, we will see Him face to face one day (Hebrews 11).

In lieu of Advent, it helps us to recognize the hope the Israelites experienced throughout the Old Testament, especially during the time of the prophets, such as Isaiah. They yearned for a Messiah to save them from their enemies, and ultimately, the greatest enemy: their sin.

Like the prophets, we also hope. We hope Jesus will return soon to this dark and despairing world. (by Hope Bolinger)



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