Do Not Harden Your Hearts

We are commanded by God in the Scriptures that, when we hear His voice to not harden our hearts.

How do we harden our hearts? Simple…by KNOWING what God’s Word clearly says about something but refusing to obey because doing so might seriously interfere with the lifestyle that we are wanting to pursue.

It happens when people know they should respond to the Gospel but keep finding reasons to say no.

It happens when a person knows he/she is in an ungodly dating relationship but fears being alone more than he/she fears God.

It happens when a person knows his/her life is out of control…but fears if he/she confesses his/her sin and asks for help, it may   seriously damage his/her reputation.

It happens when someone knows he/she should stop spending money the way he/she does…but have become dependent upon numbing his/her pain with the temporary satisfaction that trinkets bring.

It happens when a church leader knows the direction God is wanting him/her to take the ministry…but he/she refuses to do so because he/she fears being unpopular with the people.

It happens when a person knows he/she should not continue to pursue the “innocent flirting” with someone at work…but…it feeds his/her ego or fulfills his/her emotions so he/she continues the practice.

It happens when a person knows he/she should stop the intimate connections he/she is making online…but refuses to stop because of the pleasure it brings.

It happens when we know we should invite someone to church and/or share Christ with them…but we convince ourselves that they would not be interested OR that we will simply do it later.

I could go on and on…but we all get the point. When people harden their hearts in Scripture it just doesn’t go well for them.

My question is this…is there anything in your life that God seems to be relentless in coming after?

If so…are you repenting or defending? Because, when you defend what you are doing in the face of a Holy and awesome God who wants nothing but the best for you…then you are actively hardening your heart. AND…one day…you might not even be able to hear His voice anymore if you don’t deal with what He’s dealing with!

It’s not that most of us don’t hear the voice of God…it’s that we don’t like what we hear, and so we either fight with Him or ask Him to tell us something else. BUT…until we deal with what He’s dealing with, we will NEVER get past where we are right now. (See Ezekiel 14:1-6)

Today…if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart!        (PERRY NOBLE)

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