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Greetings. Last Sunday was the first trouble-free live streaming of the Sunday Worship Service that now replaces the pre-recorded worship services sent to homes since April 2020. It is our prayer that these live streaming online worship services will be a blessing to many, especially to those who currently are not allowed to come into the church sanctuary to worship God, which include all foreigners and permanent residents of Malaysia.

The sad part is that several of the foreigners and permanent residents want so much to return to church, but are not permitted under the federal SOPs (under the National Security Council), but many blue MyKad holders (citizens of Malaysia) are missing from church despite fulfilling all the SOPs. I guess the questions posed are:

1. How safe is the church environment?

2. Why should I come back to church to worship God when God is

Both are valid questions. The first question can only be answered by individuals or heads of families.

Perhaps we may be staying put at home most of the time (especially if our employers allow us to work at home), and rarely go out unless absolutely necessary. If this is the case, then there is consistency when not coming to church.

Perhaps we are staying far away from church, or are based outstation or overseas. Perhaps we are not well and may fall under the many medical conditions listed out by the Selangor State government SOPs that hinder our entrance into any church in Selangor.

However, if our only reason is that we are so comfortable with home worship for these past four months, and that we can choose our appropriate time to worship God over the weekend – then I ask you to think back: why did I come to church to worship God pre-MCO time? Was it only because pre-recorded worship services were non-existent then?

The government who is very cautious about safe-guarding the public from a second wave of Covid-19 infections has imposed strict regulations on all churches and places of worship. Government officers and police have the mandate to inspect all buildings (including churches) to ensure that the SOPs are being followed. These personnel will not hesitate to hold accountable leaders / people who flout the law.

Hence, my plea to all individuals and families who are citizens of Malaysia – come back to worship God in church in August. After the worship service is over, kindly fellowship with others, not in church, but instead in coffee shops or restaurants in Klang. Let us experience our unity by being together in the sanctuary to worship God

Pastor Ashok

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