Prayer Lists: August 2, 2020

Sunday, (Aug 2) – Pray that God will give us strength of body, strength of mind and strength of soul. Pray that He will grant us wisdom to know what we should do in every situation, and wisdom to choose the course that leads to growth and understanding. Pray that the Lord will give us courage to move out of our comfort zones, courage to stand strong and firm in the midst of difficult situations that require much of us. Pray that God will grant us serenity of heart and spirit, and when our hearts are overwhelmed by trials and tribulations, He will overwhelm us with His shalom peace.

Monday, (Aug 3) – Pray for wisdom for the health authorities and the government as stricter SOPs might be needed in the light of the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases. As the health DG consistently emphasises the importance of adhering to the SOPs, pray that the public, and people returning to Malaysia from overseas, will cooperate, and will exercise self-discipline to obey the SOPs. Pray against complacent attitudes, and lackadaisical, arrogant and rebellious behaviours that can lead to a surge of new infections. Pray that the authorities will impose strict enforcement of the SOPs, as businesses will not be able to withstand another round of restrictive MCO. Pray for God’s mercy upon us, that He will intervene in our situation, and prevent another round of MCO from happening.

Tuesday, (Aug 4) – The El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre has started classes again on July 15, 2020. As there were transportation problems in July and many students could not come back, pray that this will be solved so that more students will be able to come back to school. Pray against a lack of motivation to study, as attendance is poor, and many students find excuses to not come to school. Pray for wisdom for the school authorities to deal with these absentees. Pray that the students and teachers will continue to follow the SOPs, and they will be safe and healthy. Pray for wisdom for the teachers as they need to catch up with the syllabus, and for dedication and patience to motivate the students to excel in their students. Pray for Sister Vivian, for creative ways to include character building in her lessons as she teaches mathematics, so she can direct the students’ hearts towards God.

Wednesday, (Aug 5) – The Sabah state assembly was dissolved on July 30, 2020, paving the way for a snap election in the state. Pray that God will give Sabah a good and stable government. Pray against every spirit of greed, arrogance and pride over the political leaders. Pray that God will raise up leaders who will stand firm for justice and righteousness, with sound minds that think beyond selfish ambitions and short-term gratification, and who have a vision to lead the state forward. Pray that God will deal with those who entice MPs to change political party, thereby causing instability in the state government.

Thursday, (Aug 6) – Pray for our missions work in Sabah: the Asrama Harapan Baru in Pitas which houses Orang Asal students from the ages of 13 to 19. Pray for the committee in charge of the asrama to work in unity for the good of the students, and to have integrity and be accountable for the financial donations from churches and Christian organizations. Pray that more of our church members will come forward and be involved in this ministry to help counsel the students during the mission trips, as many of the students are from broken families / single parents.

Friday, (Aug 7) – Some of the TRAC churches have waited until August to reopen the church building for worship services. Pray for these churches that everything will go smoothly and they will cover all the SOPs. Pray that those who waited so long to return to church worship will truly sense a spirit of unity worshipping the Lord together. Pray also that the SOPs will allow for Cell Groups to meet in homes (this has not been possible since March 18, 2020), if need be, limiting the number of persons due to physical distancing. Above all, pray that TRAC church members will take their faith in God seriously.

Saturday, (Aug 8) – Praise God that about eleven million people have recovered from Covid-19, globally. Praise God for His healing grace, and for all the hard-working medical personnel who have worked tirelessly to tend to the sick. Praise God that He has united believers worldwide to pray for the pandemic. Praise God that during this traumatic time, many have turned to hope and faith in Christ.

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