Jasmine’s Testimony

In the camp , ¬†we had fun and also experience a lot of things. On the first day of camp, we had team building. There were 5 sections for team building. In each team, there must be a cripple, a blind person and a mute.The 5 sections were about the life of Jesus: Birth, Dove , Temptation, Suffering and Miracle . When we went through the ” Suffering ” , I know that Jesus had suffered more than this. We also had a speaker there. That’s Pastor Christopher Long. He’s very funny. In the sections, I had learn to have our own story and know the power of words. The most important thing that i learn there was ” We can’t, But God can ”. Besides that, we had a captain ball tournament on the second day. We also had devotion in the morning. I had learn to pray with faith and also choose the ” narrow road ” to walk with Jesus. In the camp, we also not only ” stick ” to our close friends, but also make friends with the pre-believers there.

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