Youth Camp- Travis Ong’s Testimony

This is my testimony about the youth camp. The camp was really very awesome. It was my first time going to this camp at Melaka , El Santuary. The speaker was Pastor Chris┬áLong. He was a very funny man. I really have learned alot in this camp. I made a lot of new friends. At the camp I experienced the lord’s presence there. It was a very touching moment for me. The place there was nice to stay but small. I had a lot of fun in the camp. A day at the camp without fun or laughter is a wasted day for me there. We had a lot of activities in the camp. Helping my friends, Pastor talked a lot of funny and touching things. He made us laugh and sad. We had a lot of activities like disco at night, playing pranks and etc.
After joining the camp, I felt my attitude changed. Especially at school, I want to improve my behavior , manners and temper. I made the best choice to come to this camp like the great wall, hamsters, how the lord came and took our sins, BITTC and how he died on the cross just for me. I believe what Pastor Chris Long said is all true.
The camp ended so fast. I hope the next youth will be longer and more exciting. More no- believers will come and get to know our lord. I enjoyed myself at the camp and will surely be back in the next one.
This the day the lord has made and this is the end of my testimony.
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