Methodist Women’s Outing

On 26th February, the Methodist Women had a one day excursion.  There were all together 40 people and we left Wesley Klang at 7.15am  for Sungei Buloh, to the Health and Pharmaceutical Factory.  When we arrived, we were directed to a room where they gave us coffee, cakes and fried meehoon for breakfast .  We had  a briefing on the products supplements.  Most of the products are Chinese herbs (eg. Cordyceps, Ginkgo, Bazhen Powder, Hong Qu(Red Yeast Rice), Grape Seed Extract,etc. )made into tablets and after the explanation we were able to buy the products at a special price.  Many of the ladies made their purchased.

The Sesame Oil and Sauce Factory also at Sungei Buloh was very informative.  We were taken around the factory to see how the sesame oil  was pressed for the oil and later to see how they made the “black and light sauce” plus the “taucheo”.  This factory is family runned and the person described who long and how the sauce is being done.


We continued our journey to the Sea cucumber and Sea Product wholesale factory in Puchong.  Here we were given a simple lunch of  fried meehoon and fried rice.   Most of the dried sea products of various grades(sea cucumber, oyster, scallop, etc)  were displayed and the ladies could  make a choice to what they wanted to buy.  There were also some frozen food for sale and many of them took quiet sometime to choose and buy the sea cucumber and other products.

The next place we went was the wheatgrass manufacturer and here we wondered around the factory block which had all kinds of herbs planted in the front.  Many of us made an inspection of all the plants but we also fed the mosquitoes in doing so.  We were given a tour of the factory about the wheatgrass and the number of days and time in the planting of the wheatgrass.  We were also given a chance to taste the wheatgrass just by chewing them like how the cow chews their grass.  Its has a lot of fibre and eating them gives you roughage. Here the ladies also made several investments by purchasing their products to keep one healthy and wise.

We were then driven to the Chocolate Gallery in Kuala Lumpur and there were many little stalls for us to look around but by then many of us were very tired and hot.   We just made our arounds and got back to the bus.  Finally, we headed back for Klang at about 5.30pm to have dinner at Bukit Tinggi.  It was a very ravishing dinner and everyone of us were very hungry that we could have eaten a horse.

We thank God, for  giving us a fine weather and a wonderful time.  Perhaps, our next trip would be an overnight stay, depending on the response of the ladies.

Report : Irene Khoo
Photos : Methodist Women

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