Youth Talk on Homosexuality

Pastor Tryphena Law, the founder of Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (PLUC), gave a very educational, insightful and much needed talk on Homosexuality at a Youth Meeting on the 3rd of April 2011.

PLUC is an interdenominational evangelical ministry that helps those who seek to overcome homosexuality and provide support to their families. PLUC works with churches, NGO’s and individuals.

Pastor Tryphena was direct in her talk, and her frankness and honest delivery of an often “taboo” subject was refreshing. Not only did she go straight to the heart of the issue of homosexuality, but she opened her heart and shared her personal experience. The youth obviously enjoyed the talk and more importantly, she shed light and probably answered many, many questions that young people have about dealing with the issue and most of all, with their friends who are possibly gay or homosexual.

Parents were also present, and God spoke to them as well through Pastor Tryphena’s message. To listen to her talk on homosexuality, click the play button below.

Sermon : Youth Talk on Homosexuality
Speaker : Pastor Tryphena Law
Date : 2011-04-03

PLUC also distributes an easy to read and understand two-in-one booklet on sexuality and homosexuality (images above). If you’d like to get a copy of the booklet or to find our more about homosexuality or PLUC, their URL is :

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