Prayer List: August 23, 2020

Sunday, (Aug 23) –Pray for the ministry of the Methodist Women (MW). During this time of Covid-19, many women are facing times of loneliness because they are housebound and their children are overseas, or are not able to visit them. Praise God that our MW ladies are working with other churches to visit these women. Pray that our women will bring comfort and God’s presence when they visit them, and for the women who are pre-believers, they will see the love of Christ in our MW ladies. Pray for God’s covering and protection upon the MW ladies when they go out visiting. Pray also that the MW ladies themselves will have a closer walk with the Lord during this time of the pandemic.

Monday, (Aug 24) – Pray that God will pour His Spirit upon all our families and anoint them for all that He has called them to be and to do. Pray that parents will build their families through a commitment to God and His Word, and that their priorities will be focused solely upon the Lord, and not upon the things of the world – even the good things. Pray that families will learn to rely on Christ completely to survive the storms of life. Pray that God will give parents a bifocal vision to not just care about their families, but to teach them to care for others too. Pray that parents will have a great relationship with their children, as Father God had with His Son, Jesus. Pray that children will imitate their parents as they imitate Christ.

Tuesday, (Aug 25) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that the dissolution of the Sabah state government will be upheld, and that state elections will go on as scheduled. Pray that all the candidates chosen for a new state government are God-fearing people with integrity, and of good character. Pray that they will be people who can bring justice, equality and freedom to the people, who have a vision on how to bring progress and improve the living standards of the Sabahans, and who can bring God’s dreams and desires for the land of Sabah.

Wednesday, (Aug 26) – Pray for the Orang Asli (OA) community in Peninsula Malaysia, and for the OA families in the faith that they will be strengthend to stand against the wiles, deceptions, threats, fear and the lies of the enemy through knowing God’s truth and actively engaging in spiritual warfare. Pray that God will enhance their affinity and interest in the Word of God, and they will continue to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. Pray that the Lord will set them free from generational curses and the grip of animism, the occult and false religions. Pray that He will protect their rights and privileges, and keep them safe from the coronavirus during this time of the pandemic.

Thursday, (Aug 27) – Complacency and public apathy led to the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia, resulting in a surge of cases and the emergence of new clusters. Pray against this attitude of indifference in the rakyat, and pray that the public, businesses and eateries will take the responsibility to obey all the Covid-19 regulations to help curb the spiread of the virus, particularly when efforts are being made to revive the already battered national economy. Pray also that efforts of the health ministry to contain the newly discovered, and highly infectious Covid-19 virus mutation will be successful.

Friday, (Aug 28) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Bentong, Christ Methodist Church (TRAC). The church resumed worship services on August 9, 2020. Although 45 seats are available, only about 30% were occupied. Pray that the church members will return to church as the church does not have pre-recording or live streaming worship services. Pray for the pastor, Rev Bernard Lazar as he ministers to the people.

Saturday, (Aug 29) – Pray for the World: The number of Covid-19 infections have surpassed 22 million in the world, and some countries have not been able to bring down the number of daily infections, while other countries that have eased restrictions reported new daily highest increases in coronavirus cases since coming out of lockdown. Pray that people will not let their guard down, but will do more to control the virus by physical distancing, staying out of crowds, wearing masks and washing hands. Pray also that an effective vaccine will be developed quickly.

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