Prayer List: February 21, 2021

Sunday, (Feb 21) – Praise and thank God that He is our covenant-keeping God who is faithful and who will do what He promised to do. Pray that we will take time to meditate on His promises, to put our faith in Him and His promises, and to pray His promises over our lives, our families, and difficult circumstances we are going through. Pray that we will fix our eyes on the Lord at all times, so that we may retain hope and joy in the midst of every storm of life. Rainbows are a reminder that God is with us and that His promises will never be broken. Hence, when we see rainbow in the sky, pray that we will remember to thank God for His faithfulness and unfailing love.

Monday, (Feb 22) – Pray that we would have a meaningful time of LENT as we reflect and ponder on the life, ministry, sufferings, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray that this LENT would be a time whereby we as a church would return to the heart of God. Pray that we would truly understand how undeserving we are of God’s forgiveness and yet God forgave us and showers us with sufficient grace as we face our daily challenges.

Tuesday, (Feb 23) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will bless the righteous men and woman whom He has set apart to be our national and state leaders, and that He will protect and shield them from all harm. Pray that God will grant them wisdom and guidance as they serve the nation. Pray that God will eradicate all forms of racism, divisiveness and fragmentation, and extremism from our nation from among the leaders and the rakyat. Pray that God will restore and rebuild our nation where truth, righteousness, justice, equality for all, racial harmony and religious freedom will prevail.

Wednesday, (Feb 24) – Praise God for His mercy in the battle against Covid-19: that the number of recoveries of Covid-19 cases are generally outpacing the new cases; that the vaccination programme will be rolled out on February 26, 2021; that more businesses are slowly being opened to boost the economy. Pray for wisdom for the government to balance lives and livelihoods. Pray that the public will not let their guard down but continue to follow all the SOPs until the health authorities give the green light that the pandemic is over. Pray also for God’s protection upon the students who are in the midst of the government examinations.

Thursday, (Feb 25) – Pray for the World: It has been almost a month since the military coup in Myanmar. Pray that democracy will be quickly restored as nations around the world are putting diplomatic pressure upon the military regime. Pray that God will protect the protestors who have taken to the streets, that violence will not escalate as at least one protestor has been killed. Pray also for God’s provision upon the people, especially the poor, as the prolonged coup situation has made daily survival a challenge. Pray for God’s mercy that the Covid-19 situation will be under control, and not add to the misery of the people.

Friday, (Feb 26) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the new Executive Board members for this new quadrennium (2021-2024). Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon them as they make crucial decisions in a time such as now. Most importantly, pray that the Executive Board members will have a deeper and closer walk with God. Pray that each one of them would be able to discern God’s heart for the Trinity Annual Conference.

Saturday, (Feb 27) – Pray that God will protect Christian leaders and pastors from the schemes of the enemy, and for them to offer their hearts to God daily. Pray that the Lord will take them to new depths in Him, and they will be filled with a deep hunger and thirst for righteousness. Pray that God will grant leaders supernatural grace and power to combat all temptations in the strength of the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will have the strength of Joseph to take drastic measures to avoid temptation. Pray that leaders will always walk in humility, authenticity and accountability before God and men, will walk in the fear of God, and choose from the beginning to stand against the devil and glorify God.

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