Pre-Recorded Worship Service – 13th & 14th Feb 2021

Title: Running The Race In 2021 & Beyond
Scripture: Hebrews 12: 1 – 3
Preacher: Dato Dr Daniel Ho


Summary Notes:

Hebrews 12:1 says: “…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…”

How can we run the race well in 2021 and beyond?

1. Encouragement to receive (v. 1)
    * From the saints of old (Rom. 15:4; 1 Cor. 10:11)
    * From the people of God today (Heb. 3:13)

2. Entanglements to guard (v. 1b)
    * Not just money, sex and power
    * Other common entanglements to watch out for:
       o Resentment and anger (Col. 3:13)
       o Guilt and shame (Rom. 8:1, 2)
       o Anxiety, worry or fear (Mt. 6:25, 28-30; Phil. 4:6, 7)
       o Disappointment or disillusionment (Ps. 42:5)

3. Example to follow (v. 2a)
    * Jesus as our example
       o He sees beyond the cross to the joy (v. 2b)
          > “…who for the joy set before him endured the cross…”
       o He is unashamed in what He goes through (v. 2c)
          > “…scorning its shame…”
       o He endures the opposition (v. 3; Jas. 1:4)

Questions for discussion:
1. Share an encouragement from Scripture you have received as well as encouragement from someone in your cell group. How has that inspired you in running this race of life well?

2. Was there a particular entanglement you have wrestled with in your life and how did you overcome that? What would you advise people today?

3. How has Jesus’ example spurred you on in this journey and race of life in 2021 and beyond? Share one aspect you will always hold onto throughout your life.


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