Prayer List : September 5-6, 2020

Sunday, (Sep 6) – Pray that God will help us to learn to quietly wait upon Him and to rest in His love, knowing that He has scheduled every day of our lives. Pray that He will keep us from fretting and worry, but rather choose to spend time in His Word and His presence, for He has promised that those who wait on Him will renew their strength, soar like eagles, run and not grow weary. Pray that we will not try to do things in our own strength, as we are so often prone to do, but to consciously abide in Him and cast all our cares upon Him. Pray that the Lord will teach us to truly abide in Him, moment by moment, and to learn to wait for Him as our first option, rather than as a last resort.

Monday, (Sep 7) – Pray for the Church in Malaysia, that as God’s people we will shift our focus and priority more on the things of God that will last eternally rather than things on the earth which serve us only temporally, and that we will serve God and His purposes in our lifetime. Pray that believers will adopt a submissive spirit, be transparent to the body of Christ, and practice spiritual accountability as an avenue for a spiritual check-up, so we can continue to gain wisdom and understanding and magnify Christ in all situations. Pray that we will live in victory over difficult situations, and people will begin to see the power of God being manifested in our lives through the Gospel.

Tuesday, (Sep 8) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for all Malaysians not to be influenced or tempted by material gains, power and greed. Pray that the Lord will expose and foil the plans of those whose hearts are for their own ambitious schemes to gain power, fame and wealth, and that He will squash all their wicked plans. As people are struggling with the RMCO, speak life to those who are in depression and who are suicidal, and blessing and good health to those who are sick and bedridden. Pray that God will help us overcome this present storm. Pray that He will bless our economy and stabilise the government.

Wednesday, (Sep 9) – Praise God that since the pandemic, 25,000 couples worldwide have done the Alpha Online Marriage Course, and marriages have been mended / enhanced. Pray that as Alpha Malaysia facilitates the Online Marriage and Parenting Courses, many people will attend the courses, especially those who are struggling in their marriages. Pray that parents and carers of youths will join so as to understand their teens better, and improve their relationship with them. Pray that through the courses, broken relationships in marriages and in families will be restored and fortified. Pray that pre-believers will also join the courses and be blessed with healthier and happier homes and marriages.

Thursday, (Sep 10) – As the RMCO has been extended to December 31, 2020, and new clusters of Covid-19 infections continue to emerge, pray that the rakyat will exercise patience and fortitude and continue to strictly adhere to the SOPs in order to combat the pandemic. Malaysia has imposed an entry ban on citizens from countries recording more than 150,000 cases of Covid-19, although Malaysians in high-risk countries can return, but they will have to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine. Pray that with all these new restrictions, the Covid-19 situation will be brought under control.

Friday, (Sep 11) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the TRAC Board of Nominations that will be finalising the names of nominated persons to serve for the next quadrennium (2021-2024) in TRAC. Pray that God will confirm in the hearts of a few more people to take up still vacant positions. Pray for TRAC President, Rev Dr T. Jeyakumar as he seeks the Lord to approach a few people to consider entering TRAC as pastors in 2021.

Saturday, (Sep 12) – Pray for the World: Even as many countries in the world continue to record high numbers of Covid-19 infections, pray for wisdom for the governments and health experts in these nations to find ways to keep the coronavirus from continuing to spread. As the pandemic has dragged on for so many months, pray for the people, medical professionals, caregivers, and researchers, that God will grant them perseverance, comfort and hope during this difficult time.

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