Prayer Lists: July 26, 2020

1. Pray that we will have a heart of compassion like that of God’s, so He will use us as vessels of compassion to the people in our communities, especially during this time of the pandemic. Pray that God will give us eyes that see those around us who are in need of our compassion, hearts that are interested in their troubles, and that He will provide for us the means to help them. Above all, pray that God will give us His heart for the lost, and place in our hearts a burden for the spiritual needs of people around us. Pray that God will open their spiritual eyes to know that life is beyond the physical, and if necessary, cause them to hit rock bottom in areas where their hearts are hardened so that they will listen to His voice and turn to Him in repentance. Pray that God will open up opportunities, and grant us boldness to share the Gospel with people who are in need of a Saviour.

2. The Covid-19 clusters have started to resurface and increase in the nation, and the number of new cases of infection are rising daily. Pray that all those who are returning to Malaysia from overseas will take the responsibility to faithfully and diligently comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine, follow all the SOPs, and refrain from any interaction with other people. With the RMCO, many people are behaving as if the pandemic is over and life is back to normal. The health DG warned that if Malaysians did not adhere to government guidelines, then the number of infections would definitely increase. Pray against lackadaisical, arrogant and irresponsible attitudes, and that the public will not be stubborn, selfish and rebellious, and indulge in inappropriate behaviour that put their lives and that of others in danger. Pray that they will not be negligent and careless, and ignore the SOPs the government has put in place. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon the health authorities and the government so that they will make wise and practical decisions to contain the spread of the virus, come up with appropriate SOPs, and enforce them effectively. Pray for God’s mercy, that even as the rakyat takes responsibility to do its part by complying with all the SOPs, the Lord will prevent the nation from having to deal with a second wave of infections.

3. Pray for TRAC: The Board of Ministry will be having a virtual meeting on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. There will be many important items to discuss on the agenda. Pray for God’s wisdom on the chairman, Rev Dr Andrew Tan, and for the Board members, including Rev Ashok.

4. Pray for the economy of the nation, that God’s sovereign hand and blessing will be over our country’s direction and resources. Pray for spiritual breakthroughs in the present political strife and impasses, and the economic uncertainty. Pray that God will help us rebuild our economy and businesses, and strengthen our financial standing. Pray that He will give the nation’s leaders the wisdom to guide the nation out of the current economic difficulties. Pray against any form of corruption – the greatest enemy for economic growth, and that God will expose all corrupt practices, remove corrupt leaders, and break the spirit of corruption in the nation. Pray for God’s mercy, that as the public, businesses and companies work together with the government to contain the virus, our nation will not have to revert back to a second MCO which will adversely affect the economy in the country.

5. The government has maintained strict SOPs for religious places so as to safeguard the worshippers. Other than worship services, no other meetings or activities can be held in church, and only Malaysian citizens can come for the church worship services. Pray that the situation will improve, and everyone will be able to come to worship the Lord, and meetings will be allowed to be held in our church premises. Pray for all the various ministries in our church that are meeting online now – Cell Groups, Youth, Boys Brigade, Sunday School, Adult Bible Classes and Discipleship Groups – that God will bless all those who are involved in these ministries and they will continue to grow in spirituality, and will benefit from these online meetings. Pray for the Hot Kitchen Ministry and the XEE Semester 20, that God will grant them wisdom to find creative ways to carry on with their respective ministries. Pray that God will protect the worship teams as they lead worship every weekend, and also for His protection upon all those who are involved in one way or another during the weekend worship services, as well as the church members who come to worship the Lord.

6. Pray for Sarawak, that God will raise more God-fearing politicians, officers, government servants, and leaders who are corrupt-free, just, competent, hardworking and who love all the various people groups in the state. Pray that the Christians who are emplaced in important institutions in Sarawak will be salt and light in the market place. Pray for the education system that the education syllabus would aim to prepare the next generation to fit into the society, to be innovative and creative, and possess critical, independent thinking skills and abilities. Pray that the education system would also aim to grow new leaders who have good character, strong moral values, good team work and academic knowledge so as to develop the state. Pray that teachers will not be overburdened with too much clerical work, or to have to attend too many new courses, but they will be able to concentrate on imparting knowledge and good values to the students. Pray that religious studies will be optional and non-compulsory.

7. New daily infections of the Covid-19 virus have surpassed 15 million worldwide. Pray that God will intervene and curb the spread of the virus, especially in countries where the daily increase of infections is in the thousands and tens of thousands. Pray for the United States of America, with the highest number of infections, that the government and the medical experts will work together harmoniously to prevent the virus from spreading so rapidly. Pray for the American public to be cooperative, and adhere to the guidelines given by the medical experts. Pray for India where many do not have access to proper medical care and support, that God will provide them with good care or miraculously heal and deliver them. Pray also for nations like Australia and Japan, that are experiencing a second surge of infections, that their governments will operate with wisdom, strength and guidance from God to protect their citizens. Pray for the field of medical researchers who are working diligently to find an effective treatment that God will direct their paths.

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