Recorded Live Streaming Worship Service – 19th July 2020

Title: Discipleship Means Forgetting the Past & Straining Forward to God’s Goal
Scripture Text: Philippians 3: 12 – 21
Preacher: Rev Ashok Amarasingham


1) Introduction
1.1 Recap of last weekend (Philippians 3:1-11)

1.1.1 Paul lashed out at the Judaizers who emphasised obedience to the OT Law

1.1.2 Paul viewed his status and credentials as worthless in comparison to knowing Christ.

1.1.3 Paul never allowed the past to haunt him.

1.2 Today (Phil 3:12-21), Paul focuses on the present and the future.
1.2.1 The problem is that we clean forget to connect the future with the present.

1.3 You can lead a horse to a water trough but you can’t make it drink.
1.3.1 …but a wise leader may create an urge (with God’s help) for the horse to drink.

1.3.2 Ask ourselves the hard questions: Is what is preached useful to me (for now and eternity) however bitter the medicine for my soul?

1.4 Focus for Today
Let go of past failures as Christ forgave you. Strain forward to accomplish God’s goal for eternal reward.

2) Never Rest in your Laurels. We Must Always have a Godly Discontent While Striving for Perfection
2.1 Paul was honest. As long as he was not perfect, Paul needed to be on the upward learning curve (3:12-14).

2.2 The maturity here (3:15) is not perfection but a “certain level of maturity” (short of perfection)

2.3 Without spiritual discipline, there can be no maturity.
2.3.1 Church Theme: Discipline Ourselves so as to Disciple Others (1 Cor 9:24-27 & Heb 13:1-2).

2.3.2 In Phil 3:16, when we live up to God’s commands (Bible), we head to perfection. Let the Bible speak into our souls- let Christ teach us, the Perfect One.

3) Though our Citizenship is in Heaven Yet We Now Follow Godly Leaders who Obey Christ Each Day.

3.1 “Be imitators of me and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example that you have in us” (3:17)

3.2 Good role models were vital because at Philippi, there were plenty of bad role models.

3.3 The (video) illustration: Water & Rock.

3.4 Ultimately, the King of Heaven (Jesus) will come back for his citizens (us) and transform our lowly bodies to be like his glorious body. This is perfection (3:20-21)

3.5 Practical Application
3.5.1 A Daily Prayer to God
“Lord Jesus, I see you coming in the clouds, as a Glorious King and all your people will rise to be with you. Thence your people shall be perfect. As of now, I choose to mature as your disciple and disciple others in turn”

3.5.2 In the Pilgrim’s Progress (by John Bunyan), Christian heeded the warning to find safety in Celestial City. He had a holy discontent.

  • With good companions, Christian progressed well. With bad ones, he landed in trouble. Hence choose your friends wisely- they will shape you.
  • Only Christ is the non-negotiable good friend & Master. Always fix your eyes on Jesus (Heb 12:1-2).

3.5.3 Video Clip: Chariots of Fire -The 400 yards race.


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