Prayer Points: February 16, 2020

Sunday, (Feb 16) – Praise God that He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide His people into all truth, especially those who seek Him with all their whole hearts. Pray that the Lord will make us hungry for His Word, so that we will diligently make time to read His Word every day. Pray that the Spirit of Truth will open our minds as we read and study God’s Word, and that we be willing to be led into all truth, and be taught what is the will of the Father for each of our lives. Pray that God will give us discerning hearts and minds when we study the Scriptures so that we will not be swept into the many wrong doctrines and false teachings that are sweeping through the Church of God today.

Monday, (Feb 17) – Thank God that He is the One who calmed the stormy seas, and that He is present with us, cares for us, and can calm the stormy waters of our lives if we look to Him and trust Him. Praise Jesus that is He is with us in the storm, praying for us in the storm, and will use the storm for our good. Pray that we will not fear but trust in Him when we go through storms in our lives, that we will learn to rely on Him, bring our problems to Him, instead of complaining about it to others. Pray that the Lord will make His promises and hope real to those who are struggling in a painful situation, strengthen them and give them His peace.

Tuesday, (Feb 18) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will reign over the politics of our nation. Pray for political stability, a sustainable government, transparent and accountable leadership, and servant-leader politicians. Pray for God’s wisdom and favour upon those elected who have sincere intents to build up Malaysia to be a united and progressive nation. Pray for good team work and unity among these like-minded leaders who are committed to rebuilding the nation.

Wednesday, (Feb 19) – Praise God for the Prayer Ministry in our church, for the 5 corporate prayer meetings each week, and pray that the Lord will protect this ministry, and make our church into a house of prayer. Pray that all who come for the prayer meetings will be sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit, and His leading and guidance so that all our prayers will be in line with the sovereign will of God for our church, our nation, and the world. Pray that everyone in the church will recognise that praying together as a church is God’s desire for all, and not just a few, and that more people will come for the corporate prayer meetings.

Thursday, (Feb 20) – The ElShaddai Tasik Permai Community Centre was set up 2 years ago to serve in an area in Ampang where there are Rohingya and Myanmarese families. Students from various ages have signed up for a combined class running at the centre, and classes are also conducted in the homes of children through family visitations. Praise God that the work in the community has been well received and is expanding. Pray for more volunteers to join as assistant teachers, assistants in community visitation, and men or couples to reach out to the Rohingya and Myanmarese male adults. Pray for God’s blessing and protection upon this centre.

Friday, (Feb 21) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for DUMC. This year is the year of outreach. The church will deploy all their Cell Groups to connect with ministry opportunities within the Klang Valley, rural churches, including Orang Asli ministry, ministries in East Malaysia, and even overseas. Pray that Cell Groups will sense God’s calling to go out and shine for Jesus as His witness.

Saturday, (Feb 22) – Pray for the World: Continue to pray for the novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, that it will not evolve in a world-wide pandemic. Pray that God will grant the world leaders with the wisdom and courage to implement difficult regulations to contain the spread of the virus, and cooperate in all areas to find a cure for it. Pray for God’s comfort and peace upon those who are afflicted, and the families of those who have lost loved ones to the disease. Pray that He will protect those in the medical field and those involved in any way in this fight against the virus.

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