Recorded Live Streaming Worship Service – 21st Nov 2020

Title: Being Calm In The Lord
Scripture: Psalm 131: 1 – 3
Preacher: Rev Ashok Amarasingham

Sermon Notes:

1) Introduction
1.1 My transfer to KL Wesley in 2021.

1.2 Focus for Today
As the pandemic escalates, let us surrender our anxieties to God. We need to deliberately/purposefully rest in God and find calm in God.

2) The Pilgrim Searches His Soul While Journeying to Jerusalem
2.1 The eager worshipping pilgrim recognises that the desire to exalt God must be first grounded on the state of the heart.

2.2 The worshipping pilgrim knew the importance of having a sober estimate of himself (Psalm 131: 1).

2.3 The opposite (upturned heart & eyes not raised too high) is pride & arrogance.

2.4 The pilgrim is sober to know that he should not be preoccupied with “things that are too great for men”.

3) The Pilgrim Has Exchanged His Self-Focused Pursuits for Calm in His God
3.1 The psalm depicts an excellent simile…as calm as a weaned child (Psalm 131: 2)

3.2 A caring mother knows that her child needs to rely on solid food for the next phase…growth.

3.3 However the toddler is still loved by his mother and he is calm and secure.

3.4 Practical Application

4) Conclusion
O Israel, put your hope in God, both now and forevermore (Psalm 131: 3).

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